7 Shocking Wi-Fi Health Risks You Must Know

Remember that time you went to visit a relative and even before you greeted them properly, you asked, “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” Yeah, well, we are all guilty of doing that! We aren’t ashamed of it though, because very few things feel as good as being connected to Wi-Fi. You share the same feeling, right?!

So imagine our shock when someone we knew started lecturing us on the health hazards of Wi-Fi radiation! At first, we weren’t very eager to hear anything bad about Wi-Fi, but then we did some research. Turns out too much of it can be really bad for your health! Who’d have guessed? And just because we know that Wi-Fi is one of your favourite things as well, here are a few Wi-Fi dangers you should know about:

  1. Sleepless nights

No, it’s not just because you are glued to your phone hours after you slip into bed! The radiations affect your sleep pattern more than you think. Next time you can’t sleep, it’s not stress; it’s the Wi-Fi!

source - healthination.com


  1. Migraines

Since it causes disturbed sleep, migraines are bound to follow. Studies show that people who are more exposed to electromagnetic radiation suffer from regular headaches and migraine. Solution? Switch off the Wi-Fi at night and prevent this Wi-Fi danger!

source - expertbeacon.com


  1. Impacts fertility

We are sure you know that laptops affect sperm count and ovaries. Researchers have suggested that the radiations could have the same effect on you. Now you definitely need to start taking more precautions!

source - majormosaics.com



  1. Increased heart rate

A study showed that people experience the same increased heart rate when they were exposed to these radiations as they do during stress. What you are in for: cardiac stress. Time to think about overusing it, don’t you think?

source - pexels.com


  1. Affects cell growth

In an experiment, seeds of the same plant were placed in two different rooms, one next to Wi-Fi routers and one without. After 12 days, the seeds planted next to the router hadn’t grown, while the other seeds grew normally. It proved that electromagnetic fields (EMF) impaired cellular activity, and particularly in children.

source - labo.de


  1. Anxiety

Another important Wi-Fi health risk you need to be aware of is that it can leave you with anxiety. And if not controlled, your anxiety is bound to get to you in one way or the other. Start preventing it from right now!

source - anxietynetwork.com


  1. Reduced brain activity
    Think your lack of concentration is because you have too much on your hands? No! It’s another side effect of EMF. They are likely to reduce your brain activity. Definitely something to be scared about!
    source - begrizly.com


Scary, right?! You know what’s scarier? Knowing whether you’ll survive in an apocalypse or not!