7 salads every health enthusiast must try

Next time you are feeling healthy, you don’t have to go searching for complicated time-consuming recipes. Oh, did we mention not tasty?

Just make yourself a salad and get your healthy fix of the day! Here are some recipes:

  1. Cauliflower and couscous Bake cauliflower for 20 minutes, roast with olive oil until it turns golden brown. Cook the couscous until it’s perfectly done. Add the two and top it olive oil and your favourite dressing.
    Cauliflower and couscous Source - Oh My Veggies
  2. Raw kale and brussels sprouts Add raw kale and brussels sprouts in a bowl. Make a tahini dressing using tahini, vinegar, maple syrup and red pepper flakes. Add toasted almonds and parmesan right before eating it.
    Cauliflower and couscous Source - Cookie and Kate
  3. Chickpea spinach salad Mix spinach, chickpeas, and cheese in a bowl. Add oil, lemon juice, and honey along with salt and pepper. It’s only that easy!
    Chickpea Salad Source - Hurry The Food Up
  4. Mediterranean kidney bean salad Whisk olive, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Add kidney beans, onions, green bell peppers and devour this tasty salad!
    Mediterranean kidney bean salad Source - Oh My Veggies
  5. Broccoli Tofu salad Cook the broccoli and tofu in a steamer for 2-3 minutes. Later, add soy sauce, garlic, green onions, and sesame seeds. Vegans will love this one!
    Broccoli Tofu Salad Source - Beyond Kimchee
  6. Quinoa salad Cook the quinoa and add a variety of vegetables. Pour dressing along with basil and sesame seeds.
    Quinoa Salad Source - Foodie Crush
  7. Grilled peach with jalapeno vinaigrette This one already sounds delicious! Perfect for all those who also enjoy cooking new things!
    Grilled Peach Source - Healthy Delicious
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