Ever Wondered Which Recent Bollywood Songs R.D.Burman Would Compose, If Alive?

R.D. Burman, fondly called Pancham da, would have turned 77 today, had he been alive.

The Indian Film Industry has been blessed with such talented music directors, but none like Pancham da. The most melodious songs of recent times would have broken records if they were composed by our very own Pancham da.

7 recent Bollywood songs Pancham da would love to compose:

  1. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Dum Laga Ke Haisha) – This song is as pristine as any love song R.D. Burman has made. The only thing he’d add to this song would be his…magic! We can’t emphasize enough on how surreal this song would sound then.
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  1. Agar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha) – The intensity of love and separation in this song is so real! If Pancham da would be composing this song today, he would definitely add his own emotions to it and bring it to another level.
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  1. Soch Na Sake (Soch Na Sake) – Pancham da brought life to all his love songs and this is one song which would have become his personal favourite too! This song holds so many emotions together.
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  1. Yeh Fitoor Mera (Fitoor) – If Pancham da would compose this song, it would have surely been one of his ‘ahead-of-times’ kind of song. The background music, the unique lyrics, the emotions punched in this song would have been pumped up to higher levels if only it had an R.D. Burman touch to it!
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  1. Bolna (Kapoor & Sons) – This is one song which everybody would connect to on so many different levels. Its softy sung and strongly filled with the emotion of love. D.Burman would just need to add an extra oomph to this song and that’s it! This song would become the song of the year for sure.
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  1. Matargashti (Tamasha) – Pancham da and his naughtiness in his songs was quite a hit back then. He’d bring this liveliness in music like no one else. This song, exactly would be one of his compositions if at all we had him amongst us today.
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  1. Teri Meri Baatein (Piku) – Mixed feelings put in heartwarming lyrics and even more heartwarming music. This song would have become evergreen like Pancham da’s songs if he made this one!
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On the 77th birth anniversary today, we wish R.D.Burman – the music maestro, a very happy birthday!