7 Reasons You Should be Having Pre-Marital Sex Right Now

Guess what, you don’t need marriage as a permission to make love! Shocker right? After all, in a country like India, no wedding ring equals to no kinky business. Sex is considered filthy before marriage and a pure ritual after marriage. *Logic thrown in the dustbin*
Society is the culprit for giving sex a bad reputation. What did sex ever do to you people?!

Pre-marital life is where you explore kinky adventures on your own. Whether it’s with a stranger or a boyfriend/girlfriend, it doesn’t matter! The Kamasutra came from India, so why can’t we get down and dirty?!

Not convinced yet? Here are 7 reasons that may change your mind on pre-marital sex :

1. Because you can

That’s it? Yes. You don’t need an auspicious occasion like marriage to kickstart your sex life. If you want to have sex, follow Nike’s slogan,  ‘Just do it!’

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2. One night stands

Once you’re married you’ll have a one night stand, every other night with only one person. Sounds kind of boring right? Pre-marital sex has no commitments involved, so prepare yourself for some sexual adventures with strangers.

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3. Friends with benefits

Friendship comes with so many benefits, but sex is the best profit! No strings attached, no drama, just fun sex with a friend. After you’re married you’ll have to end such friendships, because now you have a husband with benefits!

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4. Practice makes perfect, not porn!

Want to impress your fiance during your honeymoon? You can only do it if you’ve brushed up on  your sex skills beforehand. Pre-marital sex will transform you into a sex god in no time!

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5. Stay healthy, do s-exercises!

Human beings are sexual creatures and sex is good for your health. You don’t really have the patience to wait till marriage, do you?  Quit being ‘mature’, take your clothes off and have sex already! Sex is a three-in-one package  -  it’s an exercise, gives orgasms and makes you happy!

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6. Dignity doesn’t lie between your legs

Would you freak out if you tore a tissue paper? No, you wouldn’t. The same applies for the hymen tissue that tears in your body after losing your virginity. It’s just a tissue, it doesn’t define your  value!

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7. Go for a test drive

Imagine getting married to someone you’re sexually incompatible with. Do you want to deal with awful sex for the rest of your life? Hell no! Having sex with someone before you both get married will be a good deal breaker.

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Romance is much more modern than it used to be. Nowadays pre-marital sex is considered normal, partners have live-in relationships and women propose to men!