7 Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job and Startup!

Bored of your 9 to 9 job? Bored of cubicles and never ending boardroom meetings? Bored of living up to your boss’ standards?

There’s only one solution to these problems: START UP!

Still wondering as to why you should start up? Here are just some of the reasons we thought would help motivate you!

  1. Make your dreams come true If you have got a bunch of startup ideas and an endless passion to see them come true, you gotta startup! No job will allow you to fulfill all your dreams at once! 1 Idea
  2. This time, you get to be the boss And not just that, you will also have the chance to be the kind of boss you never had! Never mind those yelling sessions, just quit, get out of that space and startup! 2 Be the Boss
  3. Nothing like anything We know how amazing it is to work at a startup, we can’t imagine how FUN starting up would be! Be it hiring to data analysis to PR, the journey of starting up is going to be a journey like no other! 3 Nothing like anything
  4. Win-Win situation Think you are always going to make it in the startup business? No way! But that shouldn’t stop you from putting your dreams into action! 4 Win Win
  5. Making a difference You know all those ideas you have that can change the world? Yeah, not going to happen unless you DO something! Break boundaries (read cubicle), take some action (quit) and seek new and better things! 5 Making a Difference
  6. Perks Think you can enjoy the pleasures of foosball tables and beds in an MNC? Of course not! That’s where this brilliant thing called ‘startup’ comes and saves you! 6 Perks
  7. Build an Identity Because in the end, it’s all about you! Building an identity for yourself is possible only if you do the things you want to do, the way you want! 7 Build an Identity

And honestly, what better time than now? Gear up and join others in the startup India movement!