7 Reasons Why Swearing Is Good For Your Health

“If you’re waiting for an ambulance and have no drugs, cursing can actually reduce the feeling of pain.” Believe it or not, but it is indeed true.

Scientists and health experts have come up with a theory saying that swearing is actually good for your health! So what really is swearing? Well, swearing is the use of cuss words or offensive language.

We all are aware that, in earlier times and even today, swear words are considered as a taboo and those who use it are considered as filthy minded people! But guess what? They have been proven wrong by studies! F!@#, Chu$%&*, they are all good! And who does not want to break the rules? So to all the teachers and lovely parents who always stopped us from cursing, this is it.

Here we list down the reasons why swearing is actually good for your health:

  1. Increases pain tolerance

A very popular study said that those who dipped and kept their hands in ice cold water whilst cussing felt lesser pain at the task than those who did not use these words. Hence proved!

source - andrewchart.co.uk


  1. Releases emotion

Swearing releases endorphins into the body that in turn makes us happy by relieving anger that may have been accumulated since so long. This gives our emotion outlet the right direction!

source - vox.com



  1. Increases blood circulation

Cursing accelerates our heart beat and this causes the heart to pump more blood, causing more circulation. This happens because our fight or flight response gets triggered by such words.

source - marieclaire.co.uk


  1. Adrenaline rush

Swearing gives our body a natural high that makes us feel somewhat similar to what we would feel like if we took an analgesic drug. It has a calming effect on our body altogether!

source - fastcodesign.com


  1. Better expression

It helps us express ourselves better than anything else as it provides our body with a sense of power. And once the abusing session is done, it helps us gain immense control over ourselves for future situations.

source - independent.co.uk


  1. Catharsis

Cuss words help us achieve the state of a catharsis (relief gained from the release of strong and repressed emotions) without violent physical reactions. It helps in emphasizing a point with persuasion, hence helping us win an argument easily (for example).

source - qz.com


  1. Resilience

It provides us with resilience i.e. the ability to recover as it helps us go in a good mood state with lots of confidence and calmness which in turn helps us grow as a person and cope better with a greater pace.

source - fastcocreate.com


So folks, the next time you plan to go all out and abuse, we’d suggest, stop worrying because swearing rocks!