7 Reasons Why Being Single Is Awesome

He did not call! She didn’t even text back! What the hell is happening? Does he even love me? Does she even give a f*ck about me? Blah blah blah..the questions keep going on! They are never ending, itchy and annoying regardless of whether you are at the receiving end of it or the asking end!

You guys know what we’re trying to do here? We are trying to tell you why it is better to remain single! With legit reasons!

Here we go..

1. You’re your own boss

There’s no one behind you to tell you “Do this” or “Don’t do that”! You’re on your own. Nobody owns you! You are your own f*cking boss! How great is that?



2. Lone time

Who does not love alone time! Time to yourself means you can enjoy indulging in whatever the hell you want! That’s solitude, people!




3. No pressure

Notice this: your blood pressure and stress levels do reduce to a great extent once you’re off that God- awful relationship! Give yourself some happiness, son!



4. Expenses saved

Just like you’re allowed to make your own decisions, similarly you can buy yourself the gifts you used to buy for them! Save your money : that’s what singlehood’s about!



5. No pleasing

Guys, you no more need to please someone else for them to be a part of your life or go for a movie with you that they don’t like! Thankfully the begging is finally over!



6. More time elsewhere

Since you’re not busy pleasing your partner, you can now have more time with your friends and family. They are going to keep you way happier than the douche you were seeing! Agree?



7. A happier life

You’re going to have a much better, happier and happening life than you ever had with them! Believe us when we say this, you are going to go to a way, way, way happier place!




Thought being single would kill your sex life altogether? Not when you can touch yourself and make yourself feel higher than ever!