7 Reasons 2016 is Going to Be the Year of DC Comics

All of us love comic books and all of us definitely have our favourite heroes and villains. And when these comic book characters come to life on-screen, we can’t help but squeal with excitement! Thus, when we looked at DC Comics’ movie and TV show line-up for 2016, we could not believe our luck! From Batman to Justice League to Arrow, so many of our beloved characters are going to hit the screens this year! Here’s a look:

  1. Suicide Squad Here’s what this means: all of Batman’s archrivals together in one movie! Can you imagine how BADASS this movie is going to be? Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Joker are just some of the villains part of the Suicide Squad! So thrilling!1 Suicide Squad
  2. Flash We bet we don’t need to introduce you to the incredible TV series Flash! With the midseason premiere coming out soon (ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!), we wonder what the superhero has planned for all his enemies!2 Flash
  3. Justice League vs. Titans This animated movie marks the first movie appearance of the group Teen Titans! What we are expecting: an epic showdown between the Justice League and Teen Titans. Sounds SUPER amazing, doesn’t it?!3 Justice League vs Titans
  4. Arrow If you ask us to name some of our favourite shows, Arrow would definitely make it to the list! This DC Comics superhero is anything short of brilliant and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT to see what’s left of the fourth season!4 Arrow
  5. Legends of Tomorrow Legends of Tomorrow is a TV series you wouldn’t want to miss out on if you are already hooked to Arrow and Flash. This show will bring together secondary characters from these two shows and it’s going to be an extravagant gathering of heroes and villains!5 Legends of Tomorrow
  6. Gotham We have been hooked to Gotham ever since it first aired! With the second season picking up in February after a break, we cannot wait to see what the show has in store for us! And we are definitely looking forward to all those villains!6 Gotham
  7. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Forget everything else, this movie is the one we are waiting for! With Batman and Superman clashing against each other, this one has got us SO excited! What’s more? Wonder Woman and Aquaman are going to appear in the movie as well! EEEEEP!7 Batman vs Superman

2016, we love you already!