7 Perfect Things to Gift your Food-Lover Friends

Make your friends love you a little more the next time you gift them something. Here are seven cool food gifts you wouldn't mind giving your bestie and relish a little yourself too:

  1. Dark Chocolate Nutella Baking Chips - Nutella given in any form is love. Accept it! How cooler can you get?
    dark chocolate baking chips Source - dessertswithbenefits.com
  2. Candy Spoons - Candy spoons are the most adorable food gifts to give. You can't resist going all "aww" over them.
    candy spoons Source - thisiswhyimbroke.com
  3. Cupcake Baking Kit - Got friends who love baking? Gift them a cupcake baking kit along with cupcake printed pajamas from the very trending bewakoof.com and you'll get cupcakes made by them as return gifts instantly. Now that's quite a win-win situation here!
    cupcake kit Source - popsugar.com
  4. Martini Kit - A little martini is always a nice option while you enjoy your quiet time with your best friend. So why not have a full kit gifted to them already?
    martini kit Source - buzzfeed.com
  5. Red Velvet Cupcake in a Jar - How cuter can you get with gifts for your foodie friend! Red Velvet Cupcake in a jar is something they'll love you for life.
    cupcake Source - tipjunkie.com
  6. Hot Chocolate Truffles - Heart melting, mouth watering and a very warm food item to gift during winters. Plan a date with your best friend and be ready with this gift at her doorstep.
    hot chocolate truffles Source - yourcupofcake.com
  7. Cookies in a Pringles can - Fool your friend with cookies in a Pringles can instead of chips. Then act all cool while your friend jumps out of joy.
    cookies in pringles can Source - pinterest.com
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