7 People In Our Lives Who Deserve An Olympic Medal

With the recent news of Jaisha coming out and saying “I could have died there”, the marathon runner’s Olympic tragedy is really, really sad. The athlete was not provided water or any kind of energy drink till the end by any of the Indian officials because, well, the star stalls of our country were empty! That’s right!

While every other country’s stalls at every 2kms were filled, our Jaisha was only provided with water at every 8 kms, that too by the Rio officials. She fainted after crossing the finish line and was rushed to the hospital for a race of survival. Such is the tragedy that took place with her.

Not just her; our very talented Dipa Karmakar could’ve lost her life too doing the Produnova (vault of death) and we think these women, amongst many others deserve a medal for their sheer hard work, determination and sacrifice. So what about the people in our real life who selflessly give? Don’t they deserve a medal too?

Well, you are damn right, because we think so too!

So here we list down 7 people from our lives that we think deserve an Olympic medal for doing what they do for us, the way they do for us and why;

  1. Family

Our parents who selflessly give, especially our mothers, we just cannot thank them enough for doing what they do for us and how much they sacrifice for us. It is unmatchable. Even our siblings who fight with us all the time, but when it comes to motivation, they come out with guns blazing to shower some love! Any kind of family that you have, you need to give them gold right now!

source - pexels.com


  1. Friends

Friends are our silvers. There is nobody like them. They pick us up when we fall and there is nobody after family who sees us, knows us and takes care of us the way they do. They are literally what we can legitimately call a second family. You must do everything in your power to keep them because they are the gems you cannot afford to lose out on and they are simply amazing.

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  1. Maids

Our maids are our unofficial watchdogs for life. They love us and respect us more than anybody else after their family. They in fact consider us their family. They often look at us as an inspiration they always want to be like. They deserve a bronze, so you make sure you are a good protégé for them!

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  1. Watchmen

Watchmen are those who literally give up their sleep for our sleep by staying up and on guard all night. They are like our secret angels or silent guardians who protect us and the surrounding we are in. They deserve much more respect from you than you think they do because staying up all night with your eyes and ears wide open is not all that easy after all.

source - traceofhuman.wordpress.com


  1. Cleaners

The cleaners who take the effort of cleaning around a place a hundred times a day because we walk through the wet floor they just finished mopping for the fifth time, they never complain. Such is their beauty in the simplicity that they possess. They are so reserved, they do not speak much. After all, have you ever had to broom dirty dry leaves and clean the sewage with dead rats without complaining?

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  1. Traffic police

This is the kind of police that takes crazy amount of effort to keep the roads at peace. Raising around their hands every now and then like a gymnast, dealing with signal breakers’ abusives and barely getting any salary or perks for the kind of work they do, our heart literally goes out to them. Whether scorching heat or mad rains, they have no option but to work regardlessly.

source - shevlinsebastian.blogspot.com


  1. Soldiers

Last but not the least; the ultimate gold winners are the soldiers of every country. They don’t just deserve heaps of Olympic gold but something much deeper. They rightfully deserve love from each and every individual’s side with respect of every kind. They are the ones with a heart of gold themselves, who are willingly ready to sacrifice their lives. It takes a great deal of courage to go out and do something like that and we should be absolutely proud of them!

source - pexels.com


These are the real kind of winners, lovers, doers, achievers and givers that we need with us; and believe us, life is nothing without them.