7 #OfficeHorrorStories are so real, they will leave you laughing out louder than you can!

We’ve all had office stories that are so real, they are too funny!  Things that make us crawl under our desks.

You will cringe, and laugh till you get stitches. More than everything, you cannot help but relate to most of them!

Grab a tissue while we share some real time hilarious horror stories from office:

  1. That moment when boss arrives earlier than you and stares at you as if you are an epidemic. EAT him!


  2. The moment you are about to step out of the office, your boss taps on your back just to announce, you’ve a meeting in next 3 and a half minutes. Tear apart his hair out, and yours too!


  3. Working on weekends. You be like “I don’t know you, you do not exist for me, dude”! Unfortunately just in your head!


  4. While sending out an email, you miss out on copy check and forward ‘retards’ instead of ‘regards’. Run away, fast, just vanish!


  5. Just when you are about to have an important meeting, you spill water on your pants. Just around the zip area. Awww you need a hug, poor kid!

    [video width="500" height="202" mp4="http://files.bewakoof.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/spilling-water.mp4">[/video]

  6. While there’s an annual day party and people are partying, you got an appraisal meeting. SHRINK!


  7. That moment when you are taking a print out of your resume and your manager overlooks and stares at you. Ping Pong…..SMASH!


Popcorns over, get back to work!