7 Of The Hardest Rap Songs Ever Made In History

Rap! A much divided music genre when it comes to music fans, right? Some raps we understand, some we don’t and some, some are just downright impossible! Impossible not just to sing but even to recite or merely articulate..and they are so tough! Man, we cannot even start to think about how these rappers do it..

And here we have the craziest, the most difficult rap songs ever made in history that every rap lover got to know! And no, we aren’t talking about Eminem’s famous Rap God or Busta Rhymes’ famous Look At Me Now verse! No, we are talking about songs harder than those! Here we go..


1. Crispy (192) by Tonedeff

14 syllables per second, oh lord. That explains way more than anything else. This song is super catchy! Must listen!

2. Mista Tung Twista by Twista

We aren’t even surprised with the name of this song. Twista is so good at what he is doing that we cannot even understand what he is saying. Total tung twista!


3. Can You Keep Up? by Busta Rhymes featuring Twista

From the get go itself, what, what, whattt is happening! We seriously cannot keep up!


4. 60 Second Assassins by DJ Kay Slay featuring Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bones, Twista and Jaz-O

These men are legit rap beasts! Are we right or are we right? Oh so fast, HOW?


5. Worldwide Choppers by Tech N9ne featuring Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf and Twista

OMG did you guys just chop off your tongues trying to practice this one? Our mind just ran a hundred miles an hour; speedy AF!


6. True Fuschnick by Fu-Schnickens

Okay, slow down! This one sounds really funny and very unlike English, hence makes it to this list, rightfully! Friggin’ Rajdhani Express!


7. Speedom (WWC2) by Tech N9ne featuring Eminem & Krizz Kaliko

Need we say more? Second part to World Wide choppers, the song name itself says Speedom! Ah, and don’t we just love Slim Shady?

These were the international rap lords! What about our desi ones? Baba Sehgal..Read here!