7 Mysterious Places On Earth You Shouldn’t Visit Unless You Want To Disappear

People get lost all the time. Remember how we’d get lost in supermarkets when we were kids? Scariest feeling EVER. Eventually your parents would find you, so it’s not a total nightmare. However, there are some places out there you don’t ever want to step foot in. Places where people disappear and are never to be found.  Narrate these real life stories to your friends around a campfire and we guarantee that they’ll become scaredy cats. Wherever you plan on  going, make sure these places aren’t in your list! Here are 5 places where people went and never returned:
  1. Lake Angikuni - Canada In 1930, a traveller was searching for shelter for the night. He was aware of the Inuit village and decided to go there. The village, however, was empty! He found not even one villager around, even though everything else was intact. The house items, food and rifles were all left behind. An investigation was carried out and something odd was discovered. The village burial ground was missing a few graves as they had been emptied. The villagers were never to be seen again. Was it ghosts, aliens or vampires? Nah, not vampires for sure.
    source - www.historicmysteries.com source - www.historicmysteries.com
  2. Michigan Triangle - USA We’ve all heard about the Bermuda Triangle, but we bet you haven’t heard of the Michigan Triangle. A triangular region in the middle of Lake Michigan, two famous incidents took place: 1) In 1937, Captain George of the O.M.McFarland ship went to take a nap in his cabin. His second mate went to wake him up a few hours later and found the cabin empty. The whole ship was thoroughly searched but he wasn’t found. 2) In 1957, Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 had to change course and go through the Michigan Triangle. The plane was assumed to have crashed into the sea, but the human and plane remains were not entirely found.
    source - www.elixirofknowledge.com source - www.elixirofknowledge.com
  3. Devil’s Sea - Japan Also known as the ‘Dragon Triangle’, this portion of the Pacific Ocean opposite to the Bermuda Triangle is known for swallowing ships and planes. It has an area called a ‘Vile Vortex’ which has one of the strongest electromagnetic waves on the planet.  A ship, Kaio Maru No. 5, had 31 passengers that had set off to solve the mystery of the Devil’s Sea. The Japanese government then declared the place unsafe for transport. The ship and the passengers were never spotted again. Between 1952 to 1954, 5 Japanese military vessels were lost with over 700 people in them. *Shivers*
    source - mysteriousfacts.com source - mysteriousfacts.com
  4. Lake Superior – North America The largest of the Great Lakes of North America, legend claims that this lake doesn’t give up her dead. Over 200 ships have vanished so far in this superior lake. In 1953, radar operators watched a F-89 aircraft collide with a UFO and vanish. The air force later stated that the UFO was actually a Canadian aircraft, although the Canadian Air Force spokesman denied this statement. Another theory is that the pilot suffered from vertigo, but that didn’t explain the presence of the ‘UFO’.  Did they vanish into another dimension? Guess we’ll never know.
    source - www-personal.umich.edu source - www-personal.umich.edu
  5. National Parks – USA Over 1100 cases of missing people have been reported in American national parks. Some of the cases have been children and inexperienced hikers, which make sense. The cases involving expert hikers are the ones that scare you. Tracking dogs are unable to find a scent and the weather fades away any trace of footsteps. In one case, a group of people went to camp in Yosemite National Park. They saw one of their girls walk towards a patch of trees and disappear. A search and rescue team was immediately called for, but she couldn’t be found.
    source - www.pexels.com source - www.pexels.com
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