7 Movies that Will Inspire Your Inner Musician

Guitars, drums, or vocals. Rock, country, or jazz. Pink Floyd, Metallica, or Lady Gaga. If there’s one thing that moves you immensely, it’s music! You walk, talk music, and obviously, sing music!

And if your biggest inspiration is to become like one of your rockstar idols, here are seven movies you cannot afford to miss!

  1. Jailhouse Rock We can’t talk about music and not think of Elvis Presley, can we now? Presley’s killer songs combined with his groovy dance moves make this one a must-watch!
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  2. This is Spinal Tap A rock monumentary, This is Spinal Tap is a legendary movie! A satire on all things rock bands, this one tells you everything you need to know about being in a band! And what else? This one is going to make you laugh out loud!
    Courtesy - openculture.com Courtesy - openculture.com
  3. Amy A documentary that follows the life and death of one of music’s greatest talents, Amy Winehouse, this fabulous film went on to win an Oscar this year! Watch this one if you have always loved Amy and dreamed of a musician’s life, this one’s for you!
    Courtesy - x1075lasvegas.cbslocal.com Courtesy - x1075lasvegas.cbslocal.com
  4. Whiplash If you haven’t watched Whiplash yet, we suggest you do it now! With stellar performances, this one’s made for every to-be musician out there!
    Courtesy - jamesbickers.com Courtesy - jamesbickers.com
  5. Buena Vista Social Club A movie following composer Ry Cooder gathering a super-group of legendary Cuban musicians, this one’s a gift for every music lover on this planet! If you are looking for phenomenal (and new) music, this is the film for you!
    Courtesy - blogs.indiewire.com Courtesy - blogs.indiewire.com
  6. Walk The Line This one’s for country music lovers! This biographical film tells the story of country music legend Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter. Brilliant combo of acting and music, Walk The Line should be on your bucket list.
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  7. Dreamgirls Breathtaking musical performances, American R & B music scene in the 1960s and 70s, and the most wonderful cast one could ask for, Dreamgirls is a journey you should take!
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