7 Medical Benefits of Cannabis that Will Change the Way You Look At It

Teachers say, “Drugs are bad for your health!” Parents say, “Don’t you dare do something as harmful as pot.” Everyone else you know says, “Dude, weed is just not good for you.”

Well, looks like science has a different opinion about weed altogether! From preventing cancer to keeping you thin, cannabis has a lot of health benefits that you didn’t know of yet! Think you’d like to be updated? Read up on all the miraculous benefits of cannabis:

  1. Always overthinking stuff? Forever anxious? Study shows that smoking marijuana can help with your anxiety. Only in low doses, so it’s better to know when to stop!
    Source - stillwatershealing.com Source - stillwatershealing.com

  1. Cigarette smokers have always been that they are harming their lungs. Well, not people who smoke weed! Research suggests that all those deep drags people take while smoking up actually train the lungs. Who would’ve thought of this?
    Source - deviantart.com Source - deviantart.com

  1. This one’s not something new, but it deserves a mention here: research says cannabis helps open minds like nothing else and probably the best thing to get rid of a block. Now we know what famous artists do to get rid of the block!
    Source - pexels.com Source - pexels.com

  1. A study shows that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, slows the process of Alzheimer’s disease. How, you ask? It prevents enzymes from forming amyloid plaques, the plaques that lead to the disease. Eye-opener, isn’t it?
    Source - thefitindian.com Source - thefitindian.com

  1. Studies have found that cannabis helps slow and stop cancer cells! What?! Don’t believe it, right? We didn’t either, but it’s proven!
    Source - panna.org Source - panna.org

  1. Research has shown that cannabis has helped reduce muscle pain in multiple sclerosis patients. Apart from this, it also calms muscle spasms. One drug, multiple benefits!
    Source - verywell.com Source - verywell.com

  1. It helps prevent obesity! Scientists have found out that smoking marijuana keeps a person skinny due to increased metabolism, despite them eating more during the munchies!
    Source - flickr.com Source - flickr.com

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