7 Lesser Known Places In Rajasthan You Must Visit Once

Rajasthan is full of architecture and culture. You’ll love this place a little more every single time you visit. Let’s give you 7 more places in Rajasthan which are unexplored and need to be explored soon:

  1. Kanota Dam – Kanota Dam is a perfect place to chill with your friends during the monsoon season.
    Kanota Dam Source - flickr.com
  2. Sambhar Lake – Known as a major hub for producing salt, this lake is an exquisite spot for star gazing.
    Sambhar Lake Source - paintedstork.com
  3. Galta Temple – Famous for its 7 natural springs, this temple is regarded as a Holy place.
    Galta Temple Source - besthotelsinjaipur.com
  4. Vidyadhar Nagar Jungle – Visit this beautiful jungle located behind the Vidyadhar Nagar Stadium for some photogenic scenes.
    Vidyadhar Nagar Jungle Source - jaipurcityblog.com
  5. Nahargarh Biological Park – This park is a must visit to see a clear biological diversity. Located on the outskirts of Jaipur.
    Nahargarh Biological Park Source - rajasthandirect.com
  6. Chandlai Lake – This unexplored lake is really peaceful and beautiful, situated 2km away from the main Kota highway.
    Chandlai Lake Source - thehindu.com
  7. Amer Sagar – Sagar is the 17th century Lake situated near Amer Fort which not many people know about.
    Amer Sagar Source - jaipurcityblog.com
So next time you go to Rajasthan, don’t forget to visit these places. Read more such articles on travel here!