7 Kinds of People Who Would Forever Want You to Give Up on Everything

Remember those annoying people who always keep telling you, ”No, don’t do this!” “Oh that? No! Don’t do that!” We can feel every inch of our mind boiling, can’t we? So do you want to kill them by making it look like an accident or do you want to legitimately stab them? Because really, it is enough and we just can’t take it, yeah?

We are in a world of pain and these people in such heart aching situations never fail to make it lesser of a hell-like situation for us! Correct?

Here we list down 7 kinds of people who always want to give up on you on peculiar situations every time and we are sure you have at least encountered one of these in your life around them!

Lets begin..

  1. Your friend who hates your ex, always trying to look out for you

Why the hell do you need him in your life, that pain in ass rat! Get over him!”



  1. Your school teacher, always picking on you

“Tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta! You’re the dumbest and the most mischievous kid here! Get out of my class!”



  1. Your oh-so- doting father, always ‘motivating’ you

“Today you’ve only failed in your exam, tomorrow you will fail in life too! Then don’t come running to me or your mother!”



  1. Your annoying neighbor, always wanting to look for girls for you

“What? He isn’t feeling well? He doesn’t need medicine; he needs a wife who can feed him hot soups!”




  1. Your mother, always complaining

“I don’t know what bad deeds I’ve done in my past life to get a child like you! You can’t even make one round roti! Why God? Take me to you!”



  1. Your relatives, always stuck on how much you scored

“Oh! You scored a 90? Just a 90?! You’re never going to get a job!



  1. Your older sibling, always taunting how much more loved and better they are than you

“You can never be me! Mom and dad love me way more than they love you, you f*cking disgrace!”


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