7 Instagram Accounts that Have You Hitting the Gym Instantly

Feeling guilty about not going to the gym since the past week, month, er, a year?

Time to take some action, kid! And it’s only as easy as browsing on Instagram! These Indian Instagrammers and their fitness journey will inspire the heck out of you!

  1. Deepika Mehta (@deepikamehtayoga) Say hello to one of the most wonderful yoga accounts we have ever come across on Instagram. Deepika’s account is sure to make you go WOAH!
    1 Deepika Mehta Source - Instagram
  2. Yasmin Karachiwala (@yasminkarachiwala) For someone who has trained the likes of Katrina Kaif, we are surprised why you haven’t followed Yasmin yet!
    2 Yasmin Karachiwala Source - Instagram
  3. Anuj Vats (shvas_tba) Parkour, yoga, street workout, freeletics, this guy does SOOO many things! Follow right this minute!
    3 Shvas Source - Instagram
  4. Natasha Noel (@natashanoel001) Combining her passion for love and dance, Natasha’s Instagram account is just #goals all over.
    4 Natasha Noel Source - Instagram
  5. Devrath Vijay (@devrathdv) Because sometimes you just have to take your workout routine to another level. Go extreme after looking at Devrath’s Instagram feed!
    5 Devrath Source - Instagram
  6. Ankita Singh (@ankita_extreme) Winner of Miss Fitness India in 2014, this account will have you running you to the gym. Yes, so much inspiration!
    6 Ankita Source - Instagram
  7. Prashant Sawant (@prashantsixpack) Prashant has trained celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan. Did someone say celebrity body goals?!
    7 Prashant Source - Instagram
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