7 Indian Ads That Tickle Your Brain And Touch Your Heart!

Tired of hearing about ‘the best product ever’? We are too. Let’s face it, none of us bathe in milk, nor do we have ridiculously shiny hair! The art of selling sells short with ads like these. But don’t lose faith just yet, because there are ads out there that are brainy and beautiful! We’ve narrowed down 7 Indian ads we think the world should know about.

Here are 7 Indian ads that are touching and thoughtful:

  1. Nescafe – #ItAllStarts
    If you think your heart is cold, this ad will surely melt it. A comedian depends on his cup of coffee to get him through the day, while he gets the courage to crack jokes despite having a stammer. Ads like these make your dream seem possible, you just have to be..be..be..believe it! 
  2. Ariel – #SharetheLoad
    Feminists will love this! A father writes a letter to his daughter apologizing for not helping her mother out with household work all these years. It’s great that Ariel decided to address the issue about working women being dumped with all the housework. It’s time to share the load, guys!
  3. Nike – #DadaDing!
    You promised you’d start working out....tomorrow. If you need inspiration to get your feet moving and your heart thumping, this ad will do it for you! The sportswomen in this video are highly motivational. Also, the song is so catchy it should be a workout anthem!
  4. Google search - Reunion
    Get your tissues ready, because this ad will make you cry! The beauty of friendship and childhood combine with the ways Google search makes an impact in our lives today. A subtle message about the partition between India and Pakistan is also acknowledged in the video.
  5. Paper Boat – Rizwan
    Paper Boat delighted us with this adorable ad speaking about the magic of nostalgia. We get a glimpse into the story of Rizwan, the boy who saved Rani. With cute animations and great storytelling, this is an ad that makes you travel back to your childhood! 
  6. Amazon – Deliver the Love
    Online shopping has stopped trips to the gift shop, but what about gifting love? Just like cash on delivery, you have to deliver love too! This Raksha Bandhan, along with your gift, send some love too. After all, love makes the world go round! 
  7. Te-A-Me – Trumping Donald
    At the US elections this year, people were worried about the consequences they would face if Donald Trump became the US president. To help Donald, Te-A-Me sent a huge package of their tea which is said to help people become smarter and cleanse their body. Drink the tea, Mr.Donald Trump, to make the world a better place! 


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