7 Hotels That Are Strange, Creepy And Weird. Check In Or Check Out?

We love an outing or a getaway. So the first basic thing you do is book a hotel. How’d you expect a hotel room to be? Cozy, comfortable, romantic, naughty, peaceful, and the list can go on and on. But we live in a strange world. Full of surprises! So why can’t a hotel be weird, strange or even surprise you? Definitely it can. But where? Oh this list will help you. Pack your bags and book your tickets because this list will make you do that for sure. Read on and then travel on.

 7 hotel rooms that are strange:

  1. Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin, Germany

The perfect horror ambience is set for you. Every room at the Propeller Island Hotel is scarier than the next? A bed suspended 1.6 meters from the ground by ropes. A sleep-in cage. A room with two coffin beds. But the best room of all? A room laid out with mirrors all around you! Aren’t these rooms scarily comfortable? Don’t be surprised if the butlers are vampires. No, they won’t suck your blood, but serve food and drinks for you. How sweet of you Mr. Vampire Butler.

source-houseandhome.ie source-houseandhome.ie
  1. Adonis Love Hotel, Osaka, Japan

Love’s in the air. In the Adonis Love Hotel room, love is the hotel room. More of a love room. And the love mascot? Hello Kitty! The Hello Kitty ambience is in every room, especially the luxury suite. It’s called the Hello Kitty Bondage Room. A night with bae will make you fall in love again. No escaping from this pussy, oops kitty!

source-unmissablejapan.com source-unmissablejapan.com
  1. Crane Hotel, Harlingen, The Netherlands

How’d you like to live by the docks? Seems difficult doesn’t it? But it isn’t! The Crane Hotel has rooms that are 150 feet high. And the room rotates. You can rotate the room 360 degrees enjoy the panoramic view of the Walden Sea. Round and round around the dock. Trippy!

source-uniqhotels.com source-uniqhotels.com
  1. Null Stern Hotel, St Gallen, Switzerland

The Null Stern Hotel, it’s the world’s first zero star and also the safest! The rooms of the hotel is in a converted underground nuclear bunker in the town of St Gallen. What do you expect a nuclear bunker to be like? It’s just the basic with an on-site butler for every room. Next time there’s a nuclear attack, you know which hotel to check in! Well, atleast you’ll have the butler for company.

source-uniqhotels.com source-uniqhotels.com
  1. The Hobbit Motel, Woodlyn Park, New Zealand

This is strange. This is real! The Shire, a village from J.R.R Tolkien’s epic fantasy book Lord of the Rings is right there in New Zealand. The citizens from The Shire are called hobbits hence the name. The rooms in the Hobbit Motel are exactly the same like we’ve seen in the movie or from the books. The staff are dressed exactly like the characters of this epic fantasy. The rooms invoke a homely charm. The costumers are bound to find rings, which makes them The Lord of the Rings! A lordship from New Zealand? Why not!

source-thelandofshadow.com source-thelandofshadow.com
  1. Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy

Adventure junkies, the perfect getaway for you. Hotel rooms at the edge of the mountain! But there’s a catch to get to this hotel, actually it’s more of a climb. Yes, you read it right. To get to the Bivacco Gervasutti you’d have to climb the mighty Mont Blanc. A trek to the hotel room at the edge of the mountain. Sounds exciting, or sounds scary. We wonder the advance booking period for the rooms? Does it have to be days in advance or treks in advance?

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  1. Jules Underwater Lodge, Key Largo, Florida, United States

The world’s first underwater hotel and it’s a retired research laboratory. It rests on pillars 5 feet off the sea floor surrounded by the aquatic wildlife. A laboratory under the sea! If that wasn’t creepy enough, think about the experiments that took place in it. Compressed air keeps the water from rising up and flooding the rooms. The sea, the fishes, a lab and you. That’s an experimental experience now!

source-deepseaescapes.com source-deepseaescapes.com

Strange? Creepy? Weird? You decide.

Let’s just say you decide to check in. But let us know in advance.

Because weird rooms calls for weird gadgets!