7 Historical Sites in India that will Add Romance to Your Next Vacation

Planning a romantic getaway with your significant other? Think beyond Goa beaches or exotic Kerala! There are plenty more places waiting to be explored! Here are seven places in India that are proof that historical sites can be romantic too!

  1. Rabdentse Once the former capital of Sikkim, this place offers the visitor with a beautiful view! If you are looking to spend some quality time with your partner, we think Rabdentse would be the perfect place to do so! Rabdenste
  2. Udaipur City Palace Nothing screams romance like a palace in Rajasthan! With a full view of the city and the Udaipur lake, this one should definitely be on every couple’s bucket list! Forget lounging around on Candolim beach, live life like the royals, even if it’s just for an afternoon! Udaipur City Palace
  3. Hampi This Vijaynagara city looks straight out of a historical movie! From the step well to the majestic temples, Hampi is a site you would want to explore with your beloved! What’s more? You can even discover secret spots, just for the two of you! Hampi
  4. Mahabalipuram Located on the coast, this UNESCO World Heritage site should definitely appear on your list! From the Shore Temple to the Pancha Rathas, this place will transport you to an entirely different world! Mahabalipuram
  5. Likir Monastery Get spiritual at the Likir monastery! Dating back to almost 1000 years, this monastery in Ladakh is the perfect place to enjoy other’s company while pondering over life’s bigger mysteries! Sounds divine! Likir Monastery
  6. Pondicherry From the French buildings to the ancient trading site Arikamedu, from churches such as Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Aurobindo Ashram, every place you visit in Pondicherry has a history lying underneath! While you are out exploring, make time for a romantic meal for two on the beach! Pondicherry
  7. Mandu A ruined city in Madhya Pradesh, Mandu dates back to the 10th century A.D. Boasting of a rich history, this site is perfect if you and your partner are up for some exploring! After all, exploring is a bit like falling in love, isn’t it?! Mandu

Convinced that historical places can be romantic too? Start making an itinerary with your partner and pack your bags already!