7 Hard Hitting Viral Videos That Made A Huge Impact On Millennials

Millennials! I am a millennial. You are a millennial. We are millennials. Who or what are millennials? People born between 1980 and 1995, who live and thrive in the modern world. Otherwise known as the iGEN (internet generation). We have every right to question. We have every right to criticize. Anything the world does, we can do it better. Every millennial follows his heart and the heart is always right. The internet has a huge influence on us, an impact that no other medium has. Be it videos, blogs, music, movies and social media, the internet is our platform to communicate to the world. If millennials don’t like anything we put it up on the internet, we make videos of it, we write songs and blogs about it. The internet is a showpiece of our heart. But, they’ve been a few videos that have left us speechless, amazed and have made us realize that we have the authority to do the right thing. Remember, a millennial always follows his heart.

7 videos that struck the right chord with millennials:

  1. Nike Da Da Ding Sporty. Inspirational. Nike’s new advertisement has upped the standards of female athletes. This ad, without a doubt has to be the best motivational video you will find on the internet. This ad encourages women to break all barriers and define their own success through sports. It speaks of a woman’s struggle with depression and how playing sports not only will help her come out of it but keep her grounded. Nike, you just did it! You did it the millennial way. 

  2. Angrezipanti Television’s King of Comedy Kapil Sharma has done it again! Not with his comedy, but this time with a touch of seriousness. The Angrezipanti ad by Micromax expresses how we’ve turned the English language into a barrier amongst us. Kapil talks accurately as to how people’s talent and ability shouldn’t be judged on how they are in English. Well, finally someone has spoken up against this trend of dismissing our mother tongue in favor of English. We may not always agree with his humor in his show, but we certainly agree to his idea of being proud of our Indian languages in this video. 

  3. Ahalya A short film, starring the beautiful Radhika Apte and directed by Sujay Ghosh has hit the right chord. It talks about how we should control our fascination and urge to try something out of the unknown and also how a woman plays an important part in the world’s creation. The director has perfectly targeted equality among men and women. This short film has all the right values that we millennials have. Ahalya, a short film, but the impact? Huge! 

  1. The Hero- A Bollywood Story Millennials, we can’t do without our fathers. Our support system and our hero, our dad. So this father’s day Google came up with a brilliant and eye watering short film that talks about the limits a son can go to make his father happy. In life some dreams come true while some just take longer, but no matter what, a father will always have the highest regards for his child.This short film will bring tears of joy and lighten your heart. Our hero, our dad and our Bollywood story. 

  2. Kalki Koechlin: The Printing Machine The Printing Machine is a poem by Kalki Koechlin against the daily broadcasts, magazines, social media and textbooks. This powerful piece reveals that the news is blindfolded by a wild hunger for juicy headlines. With women empowerment at the core, her poetry talks about events that shook the nation but got replaced by cover-ups and advertisements. Kalki, who has always been a sharp and an insightful writer portrays the frustration we millennials have! This has to be the best social initiative on the internet, simply the best. 

  3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui-Shandar! Zabardast! Zindabad! Nawazuddin Siddiqui, our millennial ambassador. Just like us, Siddiqui’s work is raw and original. And in this Independence Day video he tells that no work is small or big, all that matters is the integrity with which it is done. Be the best version of yourself. This video sums up the true Indian values and urges the nation into action. Our work is our work, it isn’t big or small, what matters is the honesty behind it and things will fall in place. Mr Siddiqui, this video is indeed shandar and zabardast! 

  4. Shah Rukh Khan’s Speech at DAIS GC2016 Leave our beloved King Khan to leave an impact on millennials. His speech at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School on life was just perfect, pitch perfect. King Khan talks on the ability to feel free and to listen to one’s inner voice which is all that matters in the end. King Khan, even though not from the iGen knows exactly what millennials go through and what they wish to do.Mr. Khan’s speech delivers the most powerful message that a millennial should always do. Follow your heart.

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