7 Hangover Foods From Around The World That Will Help You In The Weekend

First Holi, then Friday. Man, you must be nursing a hell of a hangover right now! All those memorable moments seem almost worth the terrible headache you are currently cursing.

As cranky you might be right now, there’s nothing you can do except get rid of your hangover. Try some of these foods:

  1. Mongolia – Tomato juice with sheep’s eyes We are okay with tomato juice, but we aren’t so sure about the sheep’s eyes. Makes one think about drinking too much, doesn’t it?
    Tomato juice - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - Buzz Feed
  2. Russia – Pickle juice Since vinegar is a major component of pickle juice, this one’s going to require some effort to drink. Well, it’s either this or the hangover!
    Pickle juice - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - Houston Press
  3. England – Full English breakfast The English believe in getting rid of hangovers by having a breakfast containing a lot of greasy food. It will kick out your hangover in no time!
    Full English breakfast - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - Essential Surrey
  4. Korea – Haejangguk Literally a ‘soup for the hangover’, this Korean dish includes cabbage, pork, vegetables, and congealed ox blood. Slightly hard to stomach, isn’t it?
    Haejangguk - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - Sfu k.strom
  5. Japan – Pickled plums Umeboshi or pickled plums will help you get rid of that nauseous feeling. You will be thanking the Japanese after this!
    Pickled plums - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - Wiki Media
  6. Canada – Poutine French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy, the Canadians sure know how to treat hangovers well!
    Poutine - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - National Geographic
  7. Denmark – Beer In Denmark, the best way to cure a hangover is to drink beer. Not a lot, but just enough. Best hangover cure ever!
    Beer - Hangover |Utter Bewakoof Source - SF
Say goodbye to your hangover and welcome the new day!