7 Good Pointers To Keep In Mind About Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars are soon going to be ‘the thing’ when it comes to growing technology. There is certainly a lot of interest in to what extent they might influence the transport.

Let’s look at these 7 pros associated with autonomous cars:

  1. A computer is the ideal motorist. And since 81% of the car crashes are the result of human error, computers would take a lot of danger out of the equation entirely.
    Source - www.wsj.com/indi Source - www.wsj.com/indi
  1. Disabled individuals who have to rely on public transportation or assistance from others to get around, could reap the benefits of self-driving cars with new freedom and enhanced mobility.
    Source - fortune.com Source - fortune.com
  1. In order for the cars to operate most efficiently, they'd need to communicate with one another, helping to identify traffic problems or road risks.
    Source - inhabitat.com Source - inhabitat.com
  1. When a computer takes over the driving responsibilities, drivers can use that time to do other things, like catch up on reading or chat with passengers, all without having to worry too much about road safety.
    Source - readwrite.com Source - readwrite.com
  1. There would be a significant cost savings in many different venues like insurance costs and healthcare costs associated with accident recovery alone.
    Source - www.autoevolution.com Source - www.autoevolution.com
  1. There are no opportunities for a computer to be "distracted", which is a leading cause of accidents.
    Source - www.slashgear.com Source - www.slashgear.com
  1. Computers use algorithms to determine appropriate stopping distance, distance from another vehicle and other data that decreases the chances of car accidents dramatically.
    Source - arstechnica.com Source - arstechnica.com

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