7 Films ‘At Trouble’ With The Censor Board

The latest news confirms ‘Udta Punjab’ is all set to release with 1 cut. Seems like the Censors are getting more aggressive by the year! But Bollywood has always found a way out.

Let’s have a look at 7 movies which were harassed by the authorities before their release:

  1. Udta Punjab – This crime-thriller drug based movie is finally going to release on 17th 94 cuts to 13 till yesterday to 1 cut today, this film has fought its way with the censor board too hard.
    Source -  www.youthensnews.com Source - www.youthensnews.com
  1. Nh 10 - This thriller, Anushka’s home production that starred her in the lead role, was only cleared by the censors after 9 cuts. To top it all, the Board Chief also added that they were being “lenient” since the film was about women empowerment. *Slow Clap*
    Source -  allindiaroundup.com Source - allindiaroundup.com
  1. Bombay Velvet - Prior to the release of the film, CBFC had beeped out the word ‘Bombay’ from singer Mihir Joshi’s album. After some deliberation, the censors decided to clear the film’s name since it was a period drama.
    Source -  indianexpress.com Source - indianexpress.com
  1. ABCD 2 - Remo Dsouza’s dance flick, which was a super hit, also ran into trouble with the Censors. The Varun – Shraddha starrer caused a lot of trouble with the censor board because of the dialogue “All Indians are beggars.” Remo had to dance to the tunes of the censor board in the end.
    Source -  www.indiawest.com Source - www.indiawest.com
  1. M.S.G - The censor board made the biggest issue for this film. Featuring a large religious organization’s supreme, MSG was the reason that 8 members of the Censor Board quit their jobs! The film was released largely uncut, except the words ‘Messenger of God’ were removed from its title.
    Source - www.deccanchronicle.com Source - www.deccanchronicle.com
  1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan - Even Bhai’s mega blockbuster film, which has raked in record-breaking amounts of money was not spared by the CBFC. A board of officers, with 2 Muslim members cleared the film after 5 cuts, most of which were to avoid hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and Muslims. The film also ran into trouble with the Pakistani Censor Board.
    Source - www.dekhnews.com Source - www.dekhnews.com
  1. Phantom - Our censor board doesn’t even leave the film’s posters alone. The Saif – Katrina starrer’s poster featured the actors who were blindfolded by the Indian tricolor flag. The censors compelled the filmmakers to remove the Ashoka Chakra from the posters.
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