7 FART FACTS that are so Weird, they’re Downright Funny!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll gag!

Shy of blowing the butt trumpet? Don’t be! It’s the most natural thing to do. Everyone does it, even Angelina Jolie (imagine it)! Audio assaults a.k.a farts are common and let’s admit we have all had moments when we have felt embarrassed. But, after this article, you will love them!

Here are 7 explosive facts about farts that will make you proud of your farts, and go rofl:

  • Average human being farts 14 times a day. From Tom cruise to Deepika Padukone, yes all of them! Feeling better? Now go blast!
    Source - healthylivinghouse.com Source - healthylivinghouse.com
  • Smelling farts can cure cancer. Wait, a fart can cure cancer? Yeaaah, we just did it! Whoever smelt it, dealt it. Anyone, farts for snacks?
    Source - wcyy.com Source - wcyy.com
  • Women farting is dangerous. They are smellier than dude farts. Fart-for-fart! Ladies, let your hair down and that saved gas. Enough to fill up your birthday balloons.
    Source - justynakoeke.com Source - justynakoeke.com
  •  Fart and jokes are bosom buddies. Fart jokes have existed even before the first nebula crashed through earth’s atmosphere. Okay, whatever! We know what you did in that boring presentation and it smelled like death!
    Source - softpedia.com Source - softpedia.com
  • Farts can ruin careers! Like how? Guess, the fact is right! Imagine farting while doing pole dance? Or farting on your boss’ face! Well, Lord be with you.
    Source - sendajart.com Source - sendajart.com
  • On the contrary, fart can very well be a profession. Wanna be a farter? Tell us later!
    Source - mesikammen.wordpress.com Source - mesikammen.wordpress.com

"I think I would know Nora's fart anywhere,” the author wrote in December 1909 of his muse. “I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women.”

Source - inverse.com Source - inverse.com

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