7 Even More Absurd Days You Won’t Believe People Celebrate

Last week, we gave you a list of weird days that are celebrated by people across the world. From buffets to tongue twisters, these days celebrate some of the most absurd things! So, here we are again, with a brand new and absurd-er list of more such wacky days!

  1. Bubble Bath Day – 8th January Very few things in the world feel as good as a nice, soothing bubble bath! We love the idea of this one! 1 Bubble Bath
  2. Play God Day – 9th January What a perfect excuse to curse, oops, bless people! 2 God
  3. Opposite Day – 25th January Yes is no and no is yes. Right is wrong and wrong is right. We are confused already! 3 Opposite
  4. International Be Kind to Lawyers Day – Second Tuesday of April We guess this day is to finally pay our lawyer’s fees. What better way to be kind to a lawyer? International Be Kind to Lawyer day
  5. Visit Your Relatives Day – 18th May No, thanks! We are totally skipping this one! 5 Relatives
  6. Bad Poetry Day – 18th August Because some of us are just born to be bad poets! 6 Bad Poetry
  7. ‘Have a Bad Day’ Day – 19th November You are not having a bad day, you are ‘having a bad day’ day! 7 Bad Day

Absurd much? Yeah? We know we don’t need to tell you, but start planning on how you are going to celebrate all of these days!