7 Crazy Things Maggi Lovers Have Done All These Years

Let’s admit! It has been our soulmate, we have thrived on it, we have fought for it, we’ve stolen for it, and we have never given it a thought, yes, our very own, very beloved Maggi!

Maggi has been a life savior, the quick snack, the mood lifter, the only resort while trekking and a lifestyle! Our love for Maggi has been staunch and steady! We couldn’t agree more!

And now that it’s under the sword of getting banned, it’s going to be a ‘heart collapse’ for many!

Here’s an ode to the greatest Joy of generations; Maggi

Some ‘Crazy Things’ we’ve done with Maggi we all can relate to. Check it out!

1. You suddenly become a  masterchef when it comes to experimenting with Maggi. Remember those hostel days? Many of us have cooked Maggi in a bucket of hot water, just because we didn’t have the privilege of a cooking gas/stove. Yes, you heard it right, in a bucket of hot water. Raise your hands if you have gone so insane for the love of Maggi. Did we hear somebody whispering ‘hey we even licked the bucket’?

Maggi Love

2. ‘Chal daaru peeten hain’ would be so lifeless without Maggi as ‘Chakna’! Kachha Maggi and daaru with friends under the moon….I want to be born again to live this feeling. Agree no?

Maggi Daaru

3. Code rule, we can share husbands, wives, siblings, parents, clothes, almost everything, but not Maggi. You will never share your Maggi, by no means. That’s why it’s rightly called, ‘Meri Maggi’! Aww!

We will Miss maggi

4. Maggi spring rolls, Maggi sandwiches, Maggi barbeque are just some of the crazy versions of recipes people have tried. How hard it’s going to be!

Maggi sandwiches

5. Somebody just came and whispered in my ears, they have cooked their favorite Maggi in rum. Whhhaaaat?

Rummy Maggi

6. It smells so good, it tastes so great, and you don’t have to wait endlessly for your moms to cook for you. How many of you remember having used irons to cook Maggi? We like the way you secretly giggle. Wink!

Minute Made Maggi 7. A lot of Maggi lovers have gone to the extent of collecting or stealing ‘chillar’ to buy a packet of Maggi. Cute no? Chillars for Maggi But alas! It’s time to say farewell to the meal that gave us so many memories all our life! Maggi we’ll miss you! 2 Minutes Silence please..