5 Come of Age Workouts for Women Fitness Lovers

You are guilty of wanting to stay in shape. Be it Monday evening or Sunday morning, you are always working your body to the fullest. As you should!

And while we do love the usual 5k runs and squats, here are some new workouts you should try!

  1. Piloxing If a combination of pilates, boxing, and dance sounds like a fun workout sesh to you, piloxing is going to be your favourite routine from now on!
    Piloxing - Workout | Utter Bewakoof Source - Marlet
  2. Bodyweight jump squat Squats, but involving more strength. If you have some serious body goals, this one’s for you!
    Bodyweight jump squats - Workout | Utter Bewakoof Source - Shape
  3. Overhead toss This routine not only benefits your shoulder muscles, but will also help you ace your balance. It isn’t as easy as it looks though!
    Overhead toss - Workout | Utter Bewakoof Source - Health
  4. Chair pose close Say goodbye to hating your thighs, because the chair pose close is here to get them in shape and how! Try this near a wall for the first few times, you will need the support!
    Chair pose close - Workout | Utter Bewakoof Source - Shape
  5. Bosu jumps Stability ball combined with wobble board, the Bosu ball is one of the best new leg strengthening exercises you could ask for. Yes runners, this one’s a blessing for you!
    Bosu jumps - Workout | Utter Bewakoof Source - Health
Wonder woman, you almost are!