7 Breakfast Quickies When You Are Rushing For Work

It’s Monday morning and the alarm’s also tired of your lazy behavior, the sun is out, the world’s already moving and you are already late for work! What are you doing, son? Get on your feet and get going, now! But don’t go on that empty stomach of course! Well, then how?

Fret not, because here we have got a legit alternative for that too! Tasty, healthy and mainly, fast meals you can replace your traditional breakfasts with! They are less time consuming as well nutritional options!

Ready for some speedy meals on the go? Here we go..

1. Smoothies

If you’re the “I don’t eat breakfasts” type of person and milk is your best friend, trust us, nothing is going to do better to you than a protein smoothie. Add milk with whatever you like. Remember, fruits are the best!

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2. Makeshift pizza

Guys, we know you all love pizza and what could be better to be able to have one right in the morning itself? So, give this one a try! Breakfast pizza is so tasty and moreover, so easy. Just a bit of sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and tomatoes on your slice of bread and you are good to go, mate!

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3. Peanut butter on toast

We know, we know, it’s a packaged thing and stuff. But believe us when we say this, peanut butter is by far the healthiest thing you will find in the market that has taste as well as the goodness of proteins. There is seriously nothing like it on toast!

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4. Crepes or pancakes

Crepes or pancakes, whatever works for you the best! Get out the wheat flour, eggs, milk and butter! Let us see you paint a canvas on that hot griddle because it is soft, fluffy and so, so yum!

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5. Eggs

Omelets, or boiled or poached; regardless, there is nothing like the beautiful feel of eating eggs. They are healthy and wholesome and everybody relishes them! We bet most of the non-vegetarian people on this planet have had a taste of what heaven feels like, thanks to eggs!

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6. Muesli or oats

Dry and quick, muesli or even oats are extremely healthy. You can have them flavored or combine them with some delicious fruits for some richness and juiciness. They may look lifeless and colourless in your bowl, but in terms of healthiness, they do possess loads of vigour.

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7. Yoghurt

Cold, soft and smooth, they are packed with proteins again. Flavoured or not, they are a healthy meal to eat on the go!

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So now you know the next time you are rushing for work..this is what you need! Yeah?