7 Blunders You'd Never Want To Make On Your First Date

All of us have had first dates, amazing as well as horrible. As much as we wished our ruined first dates would have gone better, here are some helpers for your next first date. Pay heed to these and you shall never fail! You are welcome!

  1. Don’t do clichés Move away from the typical movie or dinner date! Go to a park, have a picnic at the beach, explore your city, or if you are both nature lovers, take or hike! This way you will have fun and also do something new altogether! Picnic date
  2. It’s a date, not an interview! Since it’s your first date, you obviously want to get to know your date as much as possible. Don’t grill your date with a million questions! Don’t forget, it’s a date! You don’t want them to feel like they are being interviewed for a job! Conversation on a date
  3. Don’t talk about ex and sex Your ex and sex are things you just don’t talk about on your first date. Your date really doesn’t want to know how horrifying your ex was or how good you are in bed. Some things are just left better unsaid until the next few dates! Ex and sex
  4. Don’t get drunk Agreed, you want to have fun on your first date, but learn to control your alcohol! First dates are all about making good impressions, and being drunk is definitely not the impression you want to create! And no matter how caring your date is, they certainly don’t want to handle someone who’s sloshed! Young business man drunk felt asleep with red wine.
  5. Let’s split the bill, yeah? In an age of equality, you really don’t want to be the one paying for the meal or expecting your date to pay for it. Make sure you suggest splitting two ways when the bill arrives. You might even earn some respect points for treating your date as an equal! Splitting the bill
  6. Don’t go overboard No fancy meals, no super fancy evening wear! Make sure your first date is somewhere nice yet classy, and don’t dress over the top. Nothing does it better than simplicity! Fancy dinner date
  7. Talking about the future Do NOT talk about marriage or children on the first date. Nothing will make your date run away faster! The only future you should be discussing is your dessert order! Getting to know each other should be priority rather than telling your date how many kids you would want to have or what your future family home would look like. *shudders* Future talk 1

Everyone feels nervous on the first date, and we are bound to feel jittery and make some silly mistakes. But with a few simple tips like the ones above, you might as well have nailed your next first date!