7 Bizarre Taboos Practiced Against Periods in India that need to GO AWAY!

There’s absolutely no shame in being a woman and there’s absolutely nothing to hide if she is on her period! PERIOD!

It’s quite unpleasant for women in India to deal with their periods, given there’s so much name calling. This needs to be stopped before things get worse because there’s nothing gross about a woman on her periods.

Here are 7 ridiculous taboos against periods in India that need to be cast out for good:

  1. A menstruating woman is impure Women are not allowed to enter temples or even pray at home while they are on their period. In a country where menstruation of goddesses is celebrated in temples, this seems hypocritical. 03_05_2014_menstruation.jpg__800x600_q85_crop
  2. Sanitary napkins are embarrassing This has to be one of the most ridiculous things people do to keep periods a secretive affair. Shopkeepers wrap up sanitary napkins in multiple newspapers, brown papers and top it up with a black polythene bag. Only in India! 7246511228_7165954ec1_z
  3. Some alone time In India, women are confined to one room and thus left to stay alone while she is menstruating. Women are also meant to follow other rules such as not touching other members of the family, especially male, or sleeping in the same bed as their husband. isolation
  4. Don’t touch those utensils Apart from this imposed isolation, there is also a taboo on using common household items. Women are also required to have a separate set of utensils, mattresses, and other items that are used only while they are menstruating. Weird! MI_9
  5. ‘Pick no pickle!’ Women are not allowed in the kitchen to cook and also not allowed to touch food items. This is due to the belief that a menstruating woman might ruin the food. How do they even come up with such stuff? touch-the-pickle
  6. Don’t wash your hair She cannot wash her hair for the first 2 days. Why? We don’t understand why, but it sounds extremely nonsensical. Don't wash your hair
  7. ‘I Am Down’ I am down. Women often refer to their period as ‘chums’, ‘I am down’, ‘that time of the month’, ‘my Aunt Flo is visiting’, ‘stomach cramps’ and other such absurd terms. The society might inflict a lot of taboos on menstruating women, but a lot of women themselves are ashamed to speak about their periods in public or private. images i am down

All of these along with many other absurd customs need to be gone as soon as possible to make India a progressive country. It’s time we all grow up as a society.