7 Bizarre Indian Laws That Are Too Ridiculous To Be True

Sometimes the government makes decisions. Sometimes the government makes blunders. But sometimes the government takes decisions that are blunders and can make you go whhaaattt?

And when such laws are passed, all you can think of is, WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING???

1. Vote, marry, but don’t drink The one that hurts us the most. We are given voting rights when we turn 18, but in states such as Maharashtra we aren’t allowed to drink till the age of 25. WHY, GOD, WHY? Drinking age

2. 377 One of the most controversial laws that exist in India is the displeasing 377. Passed under British rule way back in the 19th century, the Supreme Court has once again criminalized gay sex. When are we ever going to become a discrimination free country? Section-377

3. Don’t Fail at Suicide You are allowed to kill yourself, but god forbid if you fail at your attempt. Get ready for some punishment (no therapy for you) if you fail at suicide. It’s a loss-loss situation. Any takers?

4. No Punishment for Adulterous Women We never knew India favoured women so much. Adultery is a crime but punishment is limited only to men. Married women can go on having affairs. Yay for all the ladies, we guess! Adultery

5. More Censoring Recently a minister asked site-managers to censor objectionable content from sites such as Google, Facebook, etc. And if they failed, the government would ensure censorship itself. For even thinking of such an idea, we should totally cut back the minister’s right to speech and expression, don’t you think? Censorship

6. Dental Hygiene According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, you need to have a good, clean and shiny set of teeth to become a motor vehicle inspector. We know of meeting required physique standards, but never heard of such a bizarre one before. Prospective applicants, please remember to brush your teeth twice daily, and keep away from paan, yeah? Good teeth

7. License to fly…a kite Did you know that you require the same license to fly a kite as an airplane? The Indian Aircraft Act identifies a kite in the same category as an airplane. We can’t even think of something so…actually, let’s just forget it! kite_flying

Yes, believe it or not, these laws did actually exist at one point or the other, and some still do. These bizarre laws show us how some of our ministers really need to think twice before declaring laws. Fortunately some of these laws have been done away with but the weirdness still remains! Hoping that they will go away someday soon! #hopeisgood