7 Bigg Boss Participants Who Became Famous For All the Wrong Reasons

Drama, fights, romance, and more drama have been typical of every Bigg Boss season! While we are very (im) patiently waiting for the ninth season to start, we have a quick flashback of the previous seasons and their dramatic events. Here’s a look at some of the people who created a lot of controversies and made a lot of people hate them!

  1. Rakhi Sawant No words for this one! Starring in the first season of the show, Rakhi Sawant has always liked to be the creator of all controversies. In a constant fight with Kashmeera Shah, Rakhi Sawant emerged as one of the badass contestants of the first season! Gotta salute her for her bold and fierce attitude though, don’t you think?! Rakhi Sawant
  2. Raja Choudhary The Bhojpuri actor emerged as the bad guy of the second season after he got into a fight with actress Sambhavna Seth. But this was not the end of it! Chaudhary managed to be a part of almost every fight in the Bigg Boss house. It’s a surprise he managed to last till the very end though! Raja Chaudhary
  3. Kamaal R Khan Whether it’s Bigg Boss, his movies, or Twitter, Kamaal R Khan is infamous for saying the most outrageous things. He was the first person ever to be thrown out of the house for his rude and violent behavior. KRK’s anger got out of control when he threw a bottle at one of his housemates. Needless to say, KRK managed to attract a lot of haters! Kamaal R Khan
  4. Akashdeep Saigal – Season 5 Akashdeep or ‘Sky Walker’ showed everyone his bad boy attitude in the fifth season of Bigg Boss. The actor got into a huge fight with housemate Mahek Chahal, which got so out of hand that host Salman Khan had to intervene. Too much? Akashdeep Saigal
  5. Imam Siddique If anyone could give competition to Rakhi Sawant, it would be Imam Siddique. Just like Miss Sawant, Imam likes to be the centre of all attention! From stripping for the camera to breaking things to entering into an argument with Salman Khan, the fashion stylist was surely one of the ‘baddest’ participants of the sixth season! Imam Siddique
  6. Armaan Kohli Termed as Angry Young Man, Armaan Kohli was involved in a lot of fights during the show. From Andy to Sofia Hayat to Kamya Punjabi, a lot of the Bigg Boss contestants faced his wrath during the seventh season. Kohli has been famous for creating fights even when things were peaceful! SO much anger! Armaan Kohli
  7. Rahul Mahajan – Season 3 Rahul Mahajan has done what no one in Bigg Boss history has ever done! He made a plan to escape and inspired others to do so as well! This didn’t work out too well for him, since he was evicted soon after that. But, such a badass, right?! Rahul Mahajan

No matter how rude or controversial, these baddies keep Bigg Boss so entertaining! Agree or not, all this drama is what has kept us hooked to the show! With the new season starting, we can’t help but guess who will be the ‘baddest’ of the bad. Any bets?

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