7 Best Snape Moments that We Will *Always* Remember

Alan Rickman, a brilliant actor and a wonderful human being, passed away on 14th January. We always knew that the Defense Against the Darks Arts position was cursed, but we weren’t ready for this one! While Rickman has several incredible roles to his credit, there is one role that has stuck with us the most: Professor Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

Along with fellow Harry Potter fans, we raise our wands in memory of Alan Rickman and recollect some of the most memorable (and heartbreaking) Snape moments!

  1. When he asked us to turn to page 394
    1 Page 394 Source : Pinterest
  2. All those times his students (read Gryffindors) got on his nerves
    2 Students Source : Tumblr
  3. When he had no idea (and sort of protecting Harry from Umbridge)
    3 No Idea Source : Pinterest
  4. That moment when he swore to protect Draco Malfoy from harm and help him carry out that dreadful deed Voldemort had ordered him to commit
    4 Unbreakable Vow Source : Pop Sugar
  5. When he just wanted some silence
    5 Silence Source : Giphy
  6. When he made young Lily Evans (Potter) feel special
    6 Lily and Snape Source : Tumblr
  7. And when he (sob sob) even after all this time, he…*weeps*
    7 Always Source : Gurl

Our hearts beat as one, Mr. Rickman. Always.