7 Best Reasons Why Yoga Betters Your Mood When Done In The Outdoors

Yoga is that one form of exercise which you never mind doing at any hour of the day. So why limit it to only the studio? Bring some change to your routine by changing the view.

Here are 7 reasons why you should meditate your Om outside:
  1. Being outside – Any opportunity you get to be outside for an activity, especially in the summers, is worth it. Enough said!
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  2. Beautiful views – Look around, feel the breeze, meditate out in the open. You’ll love watching the sky while you give yourself a little top stretch.
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  3. Sunshine – Early morning vitamins are necessary for health benefits. Think when you can do a Suryanamaskar where you truly salute the sun in the open. Best feeling ever!
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  4. Incredible inversions – Imagine when you do a head stand and get to see the blue sky below and earth on the top instead of just walls and ceiling. The pose will take a whole new dimension.
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  5. High on nature – Yoga can surely make you feel at ease when you practice it inside. But the wonder it does to your mood and your mind in the outdoors is magnificent.
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  6. Special effects – If you’re regular at practicing your Om outside, you’ll someday get lucky to see a fish jumping out of the water or a different type of bird chirping on the tree or just couple of beautiful butterflies around you.
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  7. Challenge – It’s very easy to practice inside, but it’s a challenge to practice with your feet inside the sand or grass. Take up the challenge and see how light you’ll feel in your mind every day.
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Roll your yoga mat and step out to practice some mind freshening yoga