7 Awkward Family Situations You Never Want To Be In

All of us want to make the most of our family dinners and movie nights, because we love our family. But, often situations take an awkward turn so suddenly that it just leaves you super confused. Here are some awkward situations that all of us have found ourselves stuck in. If not, be prepared, because they will happen to you, sooner or later.

  1. Family Movie Nights! The most awkward of all awkward situations! When the entire family (yes, grandparents included) decides to watch a movie together, and turns out it has a kissing or sex scene. Oh God, the horrors! Everyone, let’s pretend to check our phones or make excuses to leave the room! 1 Movie nights
  2. You’ve grown up…Let’s have THE talk! When your parents decide you are grown up enough to know about sex. This situation makes you wish you had never hit puberty just to avoid this terribly awkward conversation. Thanks mom and dad, but the internet is enough to give me all the information I need! 2 Sex talk
  3. Life Plans Parents are constantly badgering you with questions. What do you want to do with your life? What college are you planning to go to? What about your job? And on and on and on. And when you do answer, it always ends up in a mess. Because, we never seem to have the perfect answers, do we? 3 Life plans
  4. Your parents walking in on you… All of us know how to take advantage of an empty house. You parents have to attend an event so you invite your boyfriend/girlfriend and, well, you know what! But the worst part is when your parents come home earlier than expected. Awkwardness (and anger) levels go through the roof! 4 Your parents walking in on you
  5. …or vice-versa. When you think nothing can be more awkward, this happens! Walking in on your parents has to be the most scarring thing in the universe. You can’t ever unsee this moment. EVER! If this hasn’t happened to you, consider yourself lucky! 5 Or vice versa
  6. Getting caught smoking or drinking You are hanging out with your friends, sharing some ciggies, and parents catch you smoking. Be prepared for some slaps if you don’t have a solid excuse! Warning: Long lectures might be accompanied with the slaps. 6 Getting caught
  7. Friend requests Beep! You have a got a friend request from your mother! Again! You have lost the number of times your mom or dad has asked you why you haven’t accepted their friend request. Because I don’t want to! Get the drift, parents! 7 Friend requests

No matter how close knit we are as a family, all of us dread being stuck in such awkward moments like these. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to escape them. So, all we can do is suck it up and be prepared for some major awkwardness!