7 Animated Sidekicks Who Gave Us Major Friendship Goals

Animated movies are the go-to for most people if they want a pick me up. They provide us with comfort and happy vibes. And of course, the adorable sidekicks, with their witty comments and cuteness end up being our favourite characters. We, at Bewakoof, LOVE animated films and have decided to share our favorite ones with you, ranked by their sidekicks’ awesomeness.
  1. The Lion King
Of course this movie would top our list. It gave us Timon and Pumbaa! This adorable meerkat and warthog duo ended up raising Simba and then helped him defeat his evil uncle Scar (spoiler alert!). They also gave us the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’, which, if you didn’t know, means no worries. If fact, these two were so popular that they ended up getting their own movie! They easily earn the best sidekicks in every animated movie ever created award.
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  1. Aladdin
Robin Williams’ performance as Genie was easily one of the coolest things ever. The impressions, subtle jokes, instant makeovers, and catchy tunes easily make the film memorable. And Abu was pretty damn amazing too! While he does tend to steal a bit, he is loyal and mischievous. Without these two, Aladdin would never have been able to become prince of Agrabah.
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  1. Finding Nemo
Who can forget the absent-minded and charming blue fish who actually forgets mostly everything? Dory bangs into Marlin (quite literally) while she is trying to find her way and then decides to help in his adventure. Dory also recently starred in her own film!
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  1. Frozen
If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen Frozen, we recommend you drop everything you’re doing and go watch it now. The two sidekicks, Olaf and Sven are possibly the funniest characters in the movie. Olaf is the coolest snowman ever (pun intended) and likes summer and warm hugs. His cool quotient increases by the end of the movie when he gets his personal flurry. Plus he’s the kind of friend who would melt for you (literally!). And Sven is basically a reindeer who acts like man’s best friend.
source - http://disneyanimation.tumblr.com source - http://disneyanimation.tumblr.com
  1. The Jungle Book
Baloo is probably one of the most relaxed characters in the entire Disney realm. He spends his time floating down a river and trying to steal honey from bees. Plus he gave us the chilled out song ‘Bare Necessities’ which can easily become a lazy man’s anthem. He is also fiercely protective of Mowgli and keeps him safe from the second the pair meet.
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  1. Big Hero 6
Meet Baymax, a health-care providing nurse who can also protect you from bad guys at all costs. Baymax undergoes a serious makeover in the film, which not only lets him fly (this kind of suit needs to become a reality ASAP!) but also beat up bad guys. Plus he acts drunk and cuddles with cats when his battery is low which basically makes him one of our favorite sidekicks ever.
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  1. Zootopia
In a world where humans cease to exist, a cunning fox is forced to become friends with a bunny cop so he won’t go to jail. Nick is a con artist who teams up with Judy to catch the bad guys. He is sly and street-smart but ends up genuinely caring about Judy and helps her catch the evil mastermind.
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  So here are our favorite sidekicks without whom the main character would be lost and probably dead in some cases. Anyway, we’re gonna go have a Disney marathon now; we recommend you do the same.