7 Absurd Days You Won’t Believe People Celebrate Across the World

From women to education, from health to food, the world knows how to celebrate everything! While many things are celebrated with a certain purpose, there are some that are just celebrated for absurd (but fun) reasons or no reason at all! For example, did you know that there is a drinking straw day? Yes, you read that right!

Here’s a list of days celebrated by people across the world! From dedicating a day to procrastination to absurdity, each of these things is wackier than the previous one!

  1. National Buffet Day – 2nd January A day to gorge on as much food as we can? We love the sound of this! 1 Buffet
  2. International Sweatpants Day – 21st January Lounge, lounge, lounge! 2 Sweatpants
  3. World Nutella Day – 5th February How to celebrate this day: eat Nutella for every meal! 3 Nutella
  4. International Procrastination Day – 25th March Master the art of procrastination on this day! Not like you need it, but still! 4 Procrastination
  5. World Naked Gardening Day – first Saturday of May Be one (and nude) with nature! 5 Gardening
  6. International Tongue Twister Day – second Sunday of November Try saying this: The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick. Yes, it might take an entire day! 6 Tongue Twister
  7. National Absurdity Day – 20th November Oh absurdity, how we love you! 7 Absurdity

Are you not already pepped up to observe some of these days! We definitely are. This is not the end of the list, there’s more to come! Stay put!