69 Years of Independence and We are Still Not Free From These 5 Issues!

Happy Independence Day!
You’ve dressed up in colors of the Indian flag, bought a lot of flag merchandise and feel proud when you listen to patriotic music. But is that patriotism enough? What does it actually mean to be independent? Why is it that even after 70 years, we are still an undeveloped country?

We decided to answer these questions. Perhaps it’s time to make a change rather than talk about change. Becoming aware of the issues is a step in creating a better nation. Here are 5 major issues in India that we need to acknowledge and change:

  1. Illiteracy
    The problem:
    So many initiatives have been done by the government, but no significant impact is seen on the availability of education. Poor quality schools have led to poor quality education. Despite a child labour ban and a decree on compulsory education, children bunk to go to work because of poverty!
    The solution: Free primary education, persuade poor parents to send their kids to school, support organizations that reduce illiteracy, free educational provisions and full-hearted commitment to motivate people to get education.
    source -  https://priyankavarma.files.wordpress.com

  2. Poverty
    The problem:
    Despite being the largest democracy, India is the country with the highest number of poor people! Today poverty is not just low income, but the inability to provide the fundamental needs for survival. The Planning Commission by the government didn’t do anything worthwhile, which luckily ended in 2014. Prime Minister Narendra Modi replaced it with the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI).
    The solution: Raise funds, donate items, volunteer in NGO’s, raise awareness through social media and provide free education.
    source - http://cdn.lightgalleries.net/

  3. Violence & Abuse
    The problem:
    Although India calls itself a secular country, people have become aggressive in the name of religion. Poverty has led to child labour, women are victims of domestic abuse and rape is the 4th most common crime against women in India. Death due to dowry, farmer suicides and female foeticides have plagued the nation.
    The solution: Minimize opportunity, volunteer or financially support organizations for victims, make people aware, respect every religion and encourage women empowerment.
    source - http://asianworldnews.co.uk/

  4. Corruption
    The problem:
    The abuse of public power for private gain is corruption. Whether we pay our taxes or not, many sectors in India don’t do their jobs if a bribe isn’t given! A study estimated that the value of corruption based on 11 basic services was a total of Rs.21,068 crores. Corruption occurs due to the lack of morality or respect for the law.
    The solution: Just because corruption is common, doesn’t mean we should give in to it! Stop giving or taking bribes, implement laws with consequences. Quick and fair, that’s what our legal system should be! 
    source - http://janayugomonline.com/

  5. Overpopulation
    The problem: Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, 1.2 are Indian! We assume it is because of large families, but it is actually due to too many people in the reproductive age group. The biggest culprit? Child marriage. The core issue for this is illiteracy and lack of women empowerment.
    The solution: Allow only 18+ marriages, have delayed pregnancies (i.e. have first pregnancy after 1-3 years of marriage) and keep atleast 3 years gap between births.
    source - http://www.fiinovation.co.in/


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