69 Magical Lessons All of Us Have Learnt from Harry Potter

Remember what Albus Dumbledore once said? ‘This boy will be famous, a legend. I wouldn't be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter day in future. There will be books written about Harry, every child in our world will know his name.’

It’s amazing how true this has become today! We mean, who doesn’t know ‘The Boy Who Lived’, right? Around this time, everyone is prepping up to celebrate the hero’s birthday on 31st July! Not just that, it’s also J.K. Rowling’s birthday! And this time, there’s a third reason to celebrate: the release of Cursed Child, the eight story set in the Harry Potter universe! EXPECTO EXCITEMENT!

Yes, we are celebrating the day by lining up at our favourite bookstores to get the book! And yes, we are rereading the books as well! AND we are also recollecting every *magical* lesson we learnt from these very special books! Here’s everything they’ve taught us:


  1. Being different and weird is good. No, wait, it’s awesome! Luna ‘Loony’ Lovegood is proof of that!
  2. Hufflepuff or Slytherin, Mudblood or Pureblood, we are all the same! Do not discriminate!
  3. Pets are as important as friends and sometimes even more so!

  4. What is life without imagination?
  5. Never judge a book by its cover, you never know what lies underneath the surface!
  6. Family doesn’t always mean blood relations. And you will always find your family!

  7. Break rules. Break every single one of them!
  8. Yes, happiness can indeed be found in the darkest of times. You know what you have to do, right? Remember to turn on the light!
  9. Chocolate is the solution for pretty much everything, even depression. Thank you, Professor Lupin!

  10. It’s impossible that no one cares about you. There’s always someone, somewhere who does.
  11. Liquid luck is not the only thing that can make you win at life. Confidence definitely will!
  12. You will always find answers in books or the library, you only have to know where to look! (If you are a Prefect, you might even find them in the bathtub!)

  13. Golden advice: sort out your priorities!
  14. A pure heart and good instincts will take you places. See how well it worked for the Golden Trio?!
  15. Stand up to your friends when they are wrong, even if you have to fight them. Okay? Okay!
    source- fanpop.com


  16. It’s okay to have mixed feelings about a person, be it a schoolmate or supposed enemy!
  17. Death teaches you many more lessons than you can imagine.
  18. A small birthday celebration is better than none. A squished birthday cake is better than no cake!


  19. People who are innocent and right never fear anything, even a twelve year sentence in prison.
  20. Teachers can be badasses. Remember McGonagall during the war?!
  21. Magic is real and you have the power to create it as well!


  22. When you can’t control your anger, have a biscuit! Or, you know, play some Quidditch!
  23. Always believe in second chances.
  24. Never, ever give up on anything you desire!


  25. No matter how tough things get, remember to think happy thoughts.
  26. Teenage crushes are awkward as hell! (As if all of us didn’t experience that!)
  27. Give people the benefit of doubt. You never know what the other person is going through
  29. There’s always a reason why people turn out the way they are. Again, don’t be too early to judge.
  30. You are the one who can solve your own shit. No one else is responsible for your strength.


  31. Some friends will never leave your side. Always.
  32. A house is not a home. Home is a feeling that can be found anywhere.
  33. You always have a choice, you only need to ask!
    source- dailydot.com


  34. Just because things are inside your head, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Thank Dumbledore for this advice!
  35. The path to greatness is most definitely a smooth one.
  36. A life without love isn’t a life worth living at all.


  37. Stand up for what you believe in, even if the world is standing opposite you!
  38. Just because someone’s quiet does not mean they aren’t brave! Neville Longbottom is the best example for this!
  39. Laugh, joke, cause mischief! Life’s too short to be sirius (sorry, not sorry!) all the time!


  40. Believe it or not, there are worse things than death.
  41. Play to your strengths and believe in them to the fullest.
  42. Loneliness doesn’t equal to being unhappy!


  43. To achieve something great, you are going to end up hurting your loved ones. You can’t ever achieve anything without sacrifices.
  44. The world isn’t black and white. Same goes for people and their actions.
  45. Your true love might be standing in front of your eyes and you won’t even realize it.


  46. Love can be platonic. Are you listening, Rita Skeeter?
  47. It’s not a good thing to stay in denial.
  48. Don’t let your fame get to your head. Ever.
    source- harrypotter.wikia.com


  49. Love exceeds all boundaries, even life and death.
  50. And love will protect you at every step of your life, good or bad.
  51. Never go to the bathroom alone. You never know if a mountain troll is hiding there!


  52. Don’t read diaries of strangers unless you want to end up in the Chamber of Secrets with a big snake hiding in it!
  53. Don’t let your hatred for someone stop you from helping them in difficult situations.
  54. Learn to forgive those who might not have treated you well in the past.


  55. Accept the fact that things will come to an end, even the good ones. But that doesn’t mean you stop yourself from experiencing them!
  56. Love potions NEVER work!
  57. Money is not equal to happiness! We mean, look at the Malfoys and then look at the Weasleys!
    source- time.com


  58. Treat your inferiors as equals.
  59. Sacrificing for those you love is the best kind of sacrifice.
  60. Everyone has millions of layers hiding underneath them. You need to get all of them to fully understand a person.


  61. Flaunt your scars with pride!
  62. Satisfy your curiosity about the smallest of things, even if it’s rubber ducks!
  63. Don’t be afraid to be intelligent or to show it either!


  64. Books are important, but there are far more important things, like friendship and bravery.
  65. Fight like a girl, because they can truly kick ass!
  66. Experiment with fashion (yes, even radish earrings!) and ignore the f*ck out of judgmental people!


  67. You shouldn’t have to in a closet all your life.
  68. Cherish the freedom you have, because someone else might not have the kind of freedom you do.
  69. Live in the moment. Because like our favourite Headmaster says, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”


But the most important lesson of all? That Harry Potter never really ends! Aren’t Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts proof of that?!