6 Things That Happen to Your Body when You Work Out Excessively

While some of you are genuinely at a risk of over-training, we lazy butts are laughing at how we’ll probably never risk something like working out too much. But it’s real AF, so don’t take it lightly. Looking fit and attractive is so vital in modern-day society that some people put more than required stress on gymming.

There is a thing like too much training, so watch out for these negative effects if you’re a gym buff on borderline addiction:

1. Hormonal changes

Over-training influences the hormone secretion in your body. If you’re doing excessive cardio workouts, you may have an increased level of cortisol, which is linked to stress and weight gain. So all your exercising might actually be working against you, if you go too hard on yourself! Another drawback is the increase of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, which suppresses your appetite. This reduces your recovery rate and intensifies over-training symptoms.

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2. Immune system changes

Your body needs time to recover and rest from the fatigue from working out a lot, but the immune system can get suppressed with over-training and be unable to provide your body adequate relaxation. You will fall sick more often and take longer durations to recover from any kind of illness, which basically affects your workout program anyway. So instead of hitting the gym too hard, take some time off and smell the flowers around you sometimes.

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3. Heart rate changes

The ideal resting heart rate is about 65 heart beats a minute, so if yours is 80, then it’s elevated, and it’ll take longer for it to come back to the normal resting rate. Your heart is, after all, just a muscle, and it can get weak. You don’t want a heart failure because of over-training, do you?

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4. Musculoskeletal changes

This involves your muscles and bones, the very basic structure of your being. They experience a small amount of damage during working out and require a day or two’s worth of resting to ensure recovery. If you skip resting periods because you’re obsessed with going to the gym, you will be compromising on your own strength, which gets reduced and can make the easiest exercises difficult. Straining your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints could lead to you suffering injuries, all because of training too much!

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5. Constant dehydration

That insatiable thirst is not because of the summer heat! If you feel like you just can’t drink enough water at any time of day, this is a signal from your body that you’re working out more than your body can handle. It shows that your body is in catabolic state, which means that it has begun to consume its own muscle for protein.

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6. Mental health

While it is proven that exercising can keep depression under control, overdoing it can have the opposite effect on your mental health. You’re also very likely to develop an eating disorder, which really works against the entire idea of working out to stay physically fit. Over-training can also intensify aspects of your personality like aggression and irritability.

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Still not convinced? We’re telling you, taking a break from working out has its own benefits!