6 Shocking Reasons Why Oreos are more Addictive than Weed

Twist, lick, and dunk! We love Oreo cookies more than we love anything else, and that is really saying something. We don’t know about you, but choosing our favourite between the cookie and cream has got to be one of the most difficult decisions to make. But it’s a delicious company to have when you’re high and watching movies.

What we say right now may completely stun you, so hold on to your metaphorical hats: Oreos are, in fact, more addictive than weed! Some may even go so far to say it’s the same as cocaine addiction! What?! You don’t believe it? We’ll tell you how:

  1. They are actually chemically addictive
    On the scientific side, human brains react to sugar the same way they do to psychoactive drugs. It’s found that Oreo cookies are so full of sugar and fat that they activate the pleasure center of the brain even more than drugs like morphine!
    source - serialcut.com

  2. They are cheaper than your bag of greens
    You can easily get yourself 4-5 packets in about a hundred rupees! You don’t have to secretly save up for it and sneak into shady neighborhoods. You can buy as much as you please, which just makes it easier to get hooked on to them. And you’re getting the best quality at the same price! No adulterated stash from Cadbury, no thank you.
    source - smokemarijuanablog.com

  3. They are definitely legal
    You don’t run the risk of getting caught for possession! Neither do you have to smoke it in the privacy of your bathroom. You can even show it off to your friends and family because they can’t report you to the police for carrying illegal drugs. It’s all chill.
    source - greenrushdaily.com

  4. You can buy it from ANYWHERE
    Literally, every grocery/confectionary store has stacks of Oreo cookie packs. Your dealer is the shopkeeper, and thankfully he isn’t a questionable character, like your other dealer.
    source - fortune.com

  5. They’re finger-licking good
    Let’s face it, you can’t actually eat marijuana. But something that’s equally addictive with the bonus of tasty? Whether you dunk it in milk or gorge on it just the way it is, these biscuits are like sex on a plate! We always want more.
    source - tumblr.com

  6. They can be incorporated in to dessert with ease
    Pot brownies can step aside: there are seriously LOADS of Oreo recipes. You’d need an entire lifetime to try them all. Cheesecakes, milkshakes, ice cream, cakes, fudge, and even popcorn! Oreo cookie addiction made so surprising and yet so simple!
    source - cosmopolitan.com


We don’t know about you, but all that cookie talk has made us crave desserts!