6 Airplanes That Are Supposedly Haunted

For all those who love a good scare, haunted houses, hotel rooms, and mysterious territories are things of the past. Urban horror has found a keen interest in the disappearances of airplanes, and the suspense around the crashed ones. With the sensational vanishing of the EgyptAir flight MS804 and Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the recent years, we can’t help but be curious about the spooky tales surrounding airplanes.

Thrill seekers, look no further. These aren’t mere ghost stories. We’ve got a list of real airplane haunts that will definitely chill you to the bone!

  1. Afterlife concerns
    A flight attendant caught an old man in the restricted zone of the plane and asked him what he was doing there. He apologized to her and told her his wife’s seat number, some numbers, and asked her to tell his wife he was okay. Puzzled, the attendant went off and recited whatever the old man said to her, only to receive a shocked look from the woman. She learned that the woman’s husband had died and his body was in the hold of the plane, being taken back home! The numbers the man had mentioned were bank account details that she didn’t have access to. The woman showed the flight attendant a picture of her husband, and confirmed that that was indeed the old man she had seen!
    source - youtube.com

  2. “The Yellow One”
    European Sterling Airlines’ aircraft, the Boeing 737-8Q8 has been christened ‘the yellow one’. The cleaning staff especially avoid having anything to do with the plane at night because there have been multiple instances where staff and passengers, both, have heard thumping on the roof, while in the air and on the ground. Such a spooky encounter.
    source - favim.com

  3. Eastern Airlines Flight 401
    This flight crashed in the Florida Everglades on December 29, 1972, killing 101 of the 176 people onboard, due to the crew getting distracted by some minor problem. Eastern Airlines had salvaged some parts of the crashed plane and reused them in other planes. The ghosts of the captain Bob Loft and flight engineer Don Repo have been reportedly sighted by many crew members after and passengers, too, and all of these have occurred in the planes with these recycled parts. There’s a book written on this haunting by John G Fuller that goes by The Ghost of Flight 401.
    source - miamiheraldstore.mycapture.com

  4. South African Airways 747
    The airplane was supposed to be used as a set by the crew of Casino Royale. This was because it was believed that the ghost of a woman was believed to wander the aisles of the flight at night. The lights would turn off and on (without power), and locked galley doors would slam open and slam shut, even under supervised conditions.
    source - helenair.com

  5. American Airlines Flight 191
    After a disastrous crash that killed all 258 passengers and 13 crew on board, along with two people on the ground, the crash site of this airplane has created quite the reputation for itself. The temperatures drop out of nowhere, and screams are heard from nearby too. Strange floating lights and haunting figures have been spotted by people passing this area, and sometimes lost people showed up at doors talking about finding their luggage. We’ve got goose bumps on our skin.
    source - dailyherald.com

  6. Scairbus-A320
    Belgium’s Constellation International Airlines’ A320 earned the name ‘Scairbus’. It started off with a flight attendant calling in sick before the takeoff. She left once they got a replacement, and on her way home she met with a car accident and was killed. On flights that followed her death, many flight attendants reported hearing a voice screaming for help, and often even whisper into their ears. This plane is known for its constant and unexplained technical problems, and the crew believes that it is the deceased attendant’s spirit coming back to haunt the plane.
    source - pinterest.com


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