50 States of Nature! 11 National Parks You Must Visit During Your USA Trip

All your bags are packed for USA, you’re ready to go, but you still haven’t planned where to go? Here’s a suggestion: skip the cities, save the amusement parks for later, and see the real beauty of USA! And by that we mean the country’s gorgeous national parks!

Though not the only ones, here are some of the best national parks in the country:
  1. Yellowstone National Park How can we say national parks and not mention Yellowstone? Would you look at that breathtaking landscape?
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  2. Crater Lake National Park Apart from its main attraction Crater Lake (formed due to a destroyed volcano), this national park also has a lot of hiking trails. Of course you must visit this place!
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  3. Death Valley National Park From salt flats to canyons to mountain terrains, Death Valley is also a dark sky preserve, which means it is excellent for astronomy enthusiasts!
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  4. Grand Canyon National Park The grandest of the grand: this UNESCO World Heritage Site is guaranteed to put a spell on every traveler! You will never forget the sheer beauty of this place!
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  5. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park When in Hawaii, think beyond chilling on beaches! Visit this park and see not one, but TWO active volcanoes!
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  6. Denali National Park Home of the highest mountain in North America, Denali, this national park is heaven for adventure seekers. Dare to climb the mountain?
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  7. Isle Royale National Park Whether you are into scuba diving, hiking, or kayaking, this Lake Superior park is definitely on our bucket list!
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  8. Mammoth Cave National Park We suggest you definitely this Kentucky national park, because when else will you visit the longest cave system in the world?
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  9. Saguaro National Park Built to protect the giant saguaro cactus (it can grow over 70 feet tall!), this national park is a splendid place to be!
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  10. Redwood National Park California dreamin’? Don’t miss the Redwood National Park, because its natural beauty is truly something you should soak in!
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  11. Mesa Verde National Park Craving history? This park has it you covered! Boasting of Ancestral Puebloan archeological sites, this national park houses over 600 cliff dwellings! Sounds appealing? Thought so!
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