5 Ways to Make Your Single Valentine’s Day Awesome

Romantic songs, boxes of chocolates, cheesy greeting cards: signs that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Well, to be honest, all of this is getting too much for us to handle!

Forgive us, but we are in the mood for some unromance this year. No, it’s not because we are single! (Well, er, maybe…) We just wanted to do something different this Valentine’s Day. Something that doesn’t scream cliché! If you are planning something along the same lines, here are a few things you could do:

  1. Take yourself out on a date Just because you are single, doesn’t mean you can’t go on dates! Treat your glorious self to a fancy dinner or shop for things you wouldn’t normally splurge on!
    Pic Courtesy - Thought Catalog Pic Courtesy - Thought Catalog
  2. Brunch with the besties Make a brunch date with some of your best friends whether they are single or not and have a blast of a time! Perfect to share your love and feel loved at the same time!
    Pic Courtesy - Bitch Flicks Pic Courtesy - Bitch Flicks
  3. Flirt away Being single you have the opportunity to do one thing: MINGLE! Flirt away with total strangers or that person who have been crushing on since months! Don’t care if you get a date out of it or not, just flirt!
    Pic Courtesy - FluentU Pic Courtesy - FluentU
  4. Party We are sure there’s a special party for singletons somewhere. It might be a bit difficult to find one, but once you do, don’t hesitate to have some fun! This will also go perfectly with your flirting plan!
    Pic Courtesy - The Odyssey Pic Courtesy - The Odyssey
  5. Netflix and chill No, we are not talking about that Netflix and Chill! Binge watch all your favourite shows and get hooked to some new ones this Valentine’s Day! And if you do find someone to actually Netflix and chill, well, good for you!
    Pic Courtesy - Mashable India Pic Courtesy - Mashable India

Disclaimer: Having too much fun on this day might leave you wishing for the single life forever.