5 Ways To Make Your Next Sleepover The Best Thing Ever

When it comes to having a blast with friends, all of us know how to do it extremely well! And what better way to do it than a sleepover with some of your closest pals!

From pizzas to video games to endless chatter, sleepovers are pretty much the best time you could ask for with your buddies. While most of us do know how to have some MAJOR fun at sleepovers, here are a few tips for your next one!

  1. Be prepared to CHILL! Now if you know that you are going to chill out all night, why bother dressing up? Just slip on a pair of boxer shorts along with a quirky slogan tee before heading out for a fun night. 1 Chill
  2. Play some We know it, you know it. Be it Pictionary or poker, it isn’t a sleepover without a few rounds of your favourite games! Expert tip: prep up your gamer spirit well in advance! 2 Play Some
  3. Movie marathon Put on your best pair of nightwear shorts, make some popcorn, settle on the couch, and hit the play button! Squeeze in a horror movie between a couple of comedies or rom-coms! 3 Movie marathon
  4. Talk the night away Since your whole gang is full of chatterboxes, keeping up conversations is not going to be difficult! Gossip, talk about your latest crushes, and indulge in pointless ‘discussions’ just for the heck of it! 4 Talk
  5. Do anything but SLEEP! This one’s a given! You just cannot sleep on a sleepover. But in case you do, make sure you are ready for bed in your trendiest innerwear! 5 Don't Sleep

Now that you are all set, head over to your bestie’s place and make the night memorable!