5 Types of Ganapati Visarjan That You Didn’t Know Existed

While all ardent Mumbaikars gear up for Visarjan at the end of the 10 day Ganapati festival, there are others who have set unique standards when it comes to immersing Ganapati idols. Here are some thoughtful, creative and eco-friendly lesser known visarjan types that devotees practice!

  1. Visarjan in milk Rintu Rathod, a Mumbai resident, made a chocolate Ganpati idol, and all for a good cause! On the last day, the idol is immersed in milk, which is donated to orphans and underprivileged kids. Chocolate has never been used so well, agree all? img-1-1442664793
  2. Watering Plants People all over are being environmentally conscious with their Ganpati celebrations. Immersions of eco-friendly idols are done at home and the water is then poured on plants. Sounds like a brilliant idea and it is time we give back, right? 11849920_497512803782404_1057133255_n
  3. Re-using the Same Idol With more eco-friendly options springing up, there are also people preferring to keep a metal Ganpati idol at home, brought out during the ten day festival. This is both a peaceful and harmless way to celebrate the festival. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 51HiWY28baL._SX355_
  4. Fish friendly idols Mumbai based NGO, Sprouts Environment Trust, has started making Ganesha idols filled with fish food and coated with natural products such as turmeric, sandalwood, etc. For anyone who wishes to perform visarjan according to usual rituals, this innovative Ganesha idol is the way to go! IMG_2085
  5. Tree Ganesha Conceptualized by Dattadri Kothur, the eco-friendly ‘Tree-Ganesha’ returns back to earth. The idol is made entirely out of clay with seeds placed inside. The idol is ‘immersed’ in a plant pot and the clay gradually dissolves, resulting in the seeds to spring. God giving us new life has never seemed so literal. 18HY_SLIDE_GANESHA_2071735g

Aren’t these visarjan ideas just divine?