5 Tips to Rock the Casual Shirt Game

It’s Monday. Again and sooner than you thought.

Before you crib about already being bored of the everyday routine or start a countdown for the weekend (four days and seven hours, we counted!), don’t lose hope! There are so many things the week might have in store for you!

And if you can’t be that optimistic, we are here to help! Take a few pointers from our weekday survival guide and you’ll be sorted until the weekend!

  1. Dress to Kill Whenever things start getting dull, go to your wardrobe. And since nothing can be duller than the first few days of the week, all you need is button up in any of your smart check shirts and set out.1 Dress to Kill
  2. Make work your playground A few rounds of darts here, a coffee break there, and some work squeezed in between. Who said work can’t be fun? Just a tip: be smart enough to not let your boss see you!
    Pic Courtesy - Giphy.com Pic Courtesy - Giphy.com
  3. Mid-week Crisis Everyone keeps talking about middle age crisis, but why does no one ever talk about the more important and difficult midweek crisis?! The only solution you can use here is pick some trendy casual shirts for men and rely on your cool style to help you get through the rest of the week!
    3 Midweek crisis Pic Courtesy - Giphy.com
  4. Take a Break Between all the hard ‘work’, don’t forget to take a day off. Spend your day doing all the things you normally reserve for weekends. After all, you deserve it!
    4 Take a break Pic Courtesy - Giphy.com
  5. Casual Fridays Yes, we got here! That was easier than expected! It’s time to PARTAY! Treat yourself and shop for some denim shirts online, because you never know what lies after the weekend!
    Pic Courtesy - Giphy.com Pic Courtesy - Giphy.com

Just in case you are wondering about the weekend (and we know you are), all you need to do is stay in your casual shirt and slip on a pair of joggers.

Weekdays, bring it on!