5 Times Wonder Woman Has Won Our Applause

First appearing in 1941, Wonder Woman has been an iconic DC Comics character throughout the years. Known for her badass warrior skills, this superheroine has managed to captivate everyone alike! Over the years, fans have seen epic incidents occurring in Wonder Woman’s life! Here’s a look at some such incredible events that deserve applause:

  1. Feminist Icon Wonder Woman was not the first female superhero, but she was most definitely the most memorable one! The superheroine is famous for her feminist ideals! Wonder Woman inspired women in comic books and otherwise with good, simple advice like, “Get strong!” 1 WW
  2. Fighting the Nazis The first issue featuring Wonder Woman came out in 1941, right in the middle of the second World War. Thus, the villains that the superheroine faced were always Axis powers, especially the Nazis. In one episode of the TV series, she even faced Adolf Hitler! You don’t need to guess who won! 2 WW
  3. Wonder Woman became God of War This Amazon warrior princess is known for fighting for justice and peace. Thus, the episode in which she kills Ares is pretty important since she becomes the new God of War. Must have been so difficult to fight for peace after that, huh?! 3 WW
  4. Supporting marriage equality In 2015, Wonder Woman became the first DC character to officiate a gay wedding! This Wonder Woman issue came soon after U.S.A. legalized same-sex marriage and is definitely one of the most important events in Wonder Woman and comic book history! 4 WW
  5. Saving Superheroes Wonder Woman is surely the best of the best! In the new trailer of Batman vs. Superman movie (2016), we see Wonder Woman coming to the rescue of a trapped Batman! A superheroine saving everyone’s saviour? A moment to be applauded! With strong ideals and a badass warrior attitude, Wonder Woman is surely one of the most beloved characters in the comic book universe! 5 WW

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